Best ANCEL FX6000 Diagnostic Scan Tool With All System Reviews 2021[Update]

Ancel FX6000 scanner is designed with an easy-to-access interface for easy operation, seven buttons, and is an entry-level coding and programming tool with advanced features. It provides basic and advanced diagnostics of automotive systems such as engines, ABS, SRS, transmissions, airbags, etc. The Ancel FX6000 has a wide range of compatibility and can be used with more than 40 different automotive brands worldwide. In addition, it has it has 11 OBD connectors. With most other devices in the same price range, the Ancel FX6000 is a great choice across the board.

ANCEL FX6000 Bullet Points
  • Design(Easy to Use): Weighing just over 3lbs and measuring 9.45 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches, the Ancel FX6000 scanner is lightweight, portable, and won’t be any trouble to carry around while working at the auto repair shop or in a home garage. The device also comes in a compact carrying case where you can store all of its components. At the center of the scanner is a large TFT LED display which provides crisp, clear images, similar to that of a smartphone’s.
  • Advantage ECU Coding & Programming: Exceptional functionality diagnostic tool from comprehensive OBD2 scanner diagnostics & services to advanced ECU coding and programming. Just connect the scanner port directly to the OBDII DLC in your vehicle and no need any battery or charger.
  • Reliability: The Ancel FX6000 is particularly reliable in two aspects. Firstly, the rugged construction of the FX6000 is intended to be durable, long-lasting, and drop resistant. Unlike other models on the market, the Ancel FX6000 has anti-skid, gaming-style edges to provide the user with a solid, reliable handheld grip. Secondly, the diagnostic codes read are highly reliable and easily defined using either the information manual or online resources.
  • Extensive Coverage & Multi-Language: Works on MOST 1996 US-Based, 1996 EU-Based and 1996 Asian-Based cars or newer OBD II/obd & CAN domestic or import vehicles, this automotive scanner supports English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, French, Korean.
  • Simple Operation: FX6000 OBD2 scanner is well built with a large and high-definition TFT screen, easy-to-read UI and thousands of DTC tips. Anti-skid & gaming handheld design gives you a different experience on holding an auto scan tool. TWO YEARS free update online to fix the latest bugs or add newer parameters, with 11 OBD connectors, you can test more cars.
  • Diagnostics: The Ancel FX6000 can diagnose the vehicle’s full system in a number of different ways; you can view live data as either a graph or in a text format. You will be able to freeze frame data too, something that is handy feature for both a professional mechanic and the average car owner. It is reliable in performing O2 sensor tests and component tests and will read and erase a full range of codes associated with the engine. If you’re looking to reset the oil light and service light, the Ancel FX6000 OBD2 scanner will similarly be of practical use.

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ANCEL FX6000 Review from David P.
3.7/ 5

Well I am happy to say….we had no problems whatsoever. Took the unit out of the box and did the software updates. Everything went smoothly.

Top Reasons to Choose ANCEL FX6000
  • Vehicle Coverage: works on most vehicles sold in the USA with model year of 1992, 1992 EU-based and 1992 Asian-based or newer.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions: This obd2 scanner can give a overall checking of the vehicles, diagnose on both Diesel and Gasoline vehicles, including Engine Transmission ABS SRS (Airbag) EPB Oil service reset SAS Steering Angle TPMS IMMO and Other diagnostic systems.
  • Emission Tests: In addition to checking for engine codes, you will also be able to use the Ancel FX6000 for emissions tests. Self-testing the vehicle’s emission control systems to evaluate their performance is straightforward and will provide reliable results. By supporting I/M readiness and being able to carry out an O2 sensor test, this unit’s capacity to conduct smog tests is impressive and easy to do, not only for the seasoned mechanic but also for car owners and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Advanced functions: the Ancel FX6000 has advanced functions which can provide a detailed insight into the vehicle’s full system. In essence, the FX6000 offers similar functions to those you would expect from top dollar, high-end code readers. As the Ancel FX6000 is able to perform immo ECU programming coding, users will be able to monitor and optimize the operation and performance of their vehicle’s engine. Additionally, the Ancel FX6000 will also be able to diagnose the vehicle’s powertrain, body system, chassis, SAS, DPF and TPMS sensors.
  • OBD2 Diagnostic: This vehicle code reader supports all 10 OBDII test modes, it can scan more than 95% domestic old vehicles for view live data (in text/graphic format), read freeze frame, read and clear history or current codes, O2 sensor test, I/M Readiness checking that can quickly test every system module status and faster diagnosis and maintenance.
ANCEL FX6000: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Supports OBD2 and some OBD1 vehicles. On the bulkier side due to its rugged design.
Boasts an impressively functional code reading process. Has a higher price point than models which offer less advanced functions.
Easy to set up and use.
Supports multiple languages.
Comes with Ancel’s free software updates for 2 years.
ANCEL FX6000 Special Functions
  • Transmission: You can read and clear the transmission errors. Transmission process in the car, in between the engine and the wheels have a different gear ratio, by shifting the engine can work at their best performance of state power.
  • SRS(airbag): Read and clear SRS system error codes. It can prevent any impact or impact-caused injuries between the failing occupant and the interior of the vehicle during a crash event.
  • Engine: You can diagnose the engine system via ecu obd2 port, support show live vehicle sensors data in text and graph format, O2 sensor test, component test and more; read and clear the engine error codes and turn off the MIL engine light.
  • Oil Light Service Reset: Oil Light Reset allows you to reset the service lamps on the instrument cluster. The Service Indicator System is designed to alert the driver when the vehicle is due for a service.
  • All System Scan Tool: This car code reader can read and clear the ABS EPB SAS TPMS DPF system sensor errors. ABS can avoid severe friction between the tire and the ground and reduce the wear of the tire and prevent the wheels from locking up.
  • TPMS service to relearn TPMS sensors so that new sensors can be recognized by ECU.
  • DPF reset allow you to force a regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter and clear the warning light from the dashboard.
  • Question: What is the best OBD2 Scanner for the money?
    Answer: The purpose of our review is to explore the functionalities and the pros and cons of the Ancel FX6000 diagnostic scan tool and, overall, we firmly believe that this is one of the best scan tools on the market. Packed full of advanced features, the Ancel FX6000 has an impressive price-to-value ratio. With most scanners, you’ll generally find that the price will correlate with its quality and its capabilities. Although the FX6000 is by no means a budget option, it’s still incredibly reasonably priced when you compare it’s abilities with its competitors.
  • Question: How do you use the Ancel FX6000 compared to the FX4000?
    Answer: This is one of the most frequently asked about topics when it comes to choosing between Ancel’s scanners; let’s begin by outlining the key differences between the FX6000 and Ancel’s other popular scanner, the FX4000.On the surface, the 4000 is slightly lighter despite being the same size as the 6000. It’s also considerably more affordable. That being said, the real differences lie in their functionalities. The 4000 is more limited in its compatibility with a variety of vehicles and it isn’t able to perform the advanced functions seen with the 6000. The most significant difference is that the 4000 is unable to carry out ECU programming. When you’re using the two, there are actually very few differences between their interfaces. Both have ergonomic gripping around the edges, both have the same sized TFT screen, and both have the same 7 buttons used for navigation. Essentially, the two key differences are that the Ancel FX4000 is not capable of performing ECU programming coding and, consequently, it has a lower price tag. If you’re a professional mechanic, it’s unlikely that you would want to compromise on the tool’s ECU programming coding capacity and so the 4000 may be more suitable for car owners who enjoy DIY as a precursor to visiting their local auto shop.
Some videos help you better understand ANCEL FX6000 Diagnostic Scan Tool
ANCEL FX6000 Introduction