Autel XP400 Car Key and Chip Programmer Reviews 2020 [Update]

Autel XP400 Car Key and Chip Programmer Work with Autel MaxiIM IM608 / IM508, Auro Otosys IM100 / IM600. It is an all-in-one key programmer that can read/write vehicle chip data, read/write EEPROM/MCU chip, and identify key frequency.
The XP400 upgrades the IM508 to include European vehicle coverage.

Autel XP400 Car key and chip programmer Reviews:

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Autel XP400 all-in-one key programmer
5 / 5

The Autel XP400 is a powerful support for Autel IM508 and IM608. While working with Autel MaxiIM IM508, it can extend its IMMO & Key Chip Programming capabilities to the SAME as IM608.

Autel XP400 key programmer Features
  • Compatible with AUTEL IM508, IM608, performs various IMMO Keys functions and Key Chip Programming, MCU Read/Write tasks and etc.
  • Comprehensive IMMO keys functions: Expand IM508 IMMO functions to include BMW CAS4 key learning.
  • Key Chip & EEPROM programming: It can read/write key chip, read/write EEPROM, Read/Write ECU, Basic MCU Read/Write, Read/Write MC9S12 Encryption Chip, Read/Write IC Card, Read/Write Mercedes Infrared Key, Remote Frequency Detect.
Autel XP400 key programmer Compatibility
  1. Comes with APA104, APA105, APA106, APB102 to cover IMMO functions and Programming capabilities for more than 80 makes and models.
  2. IMMO & Key Chip Programming for XP400, XP400+IM508, XP400+IM608 are NOT universally compatible.
Autel xp400 key programmer: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Good price  IM508 plus XP400 are still not powerful as IM608.
Same IMMO functions & key programming capabilities
Cheaper annual renewal fee than IM608.
Who is Autel XP400 key programmer suitable for?
Autel XP400 is suitable for professional mechanics who uses IM508 to expand IMMO functions.
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