Best ANCEL BM700 Diagnostic Scanner for BMW Vehicles (Reviews and Buying Guide)2021[Update]

Ancel BM700 is a full system reading scanner designed for diagnostics of BMW vehicles. It supports the OBD2/EOBD universal diagnostic tool and can also be used to examine engine systems of other brands of vehicles. As an upgraded version of the BM500 OBD II scanner, the BM700 has basic functions such as reading and clearing fault codes of all systems, reading data flow and VIN information, as well as advanced functions such as battery registration, EPB reset, SAS learning, DPF regeneration and so on. It applies to most OBD2 cars sold in the United States after 1996, as well as to all BMW Group (BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce) vehicles. In addition, the BM700 has multi-language support, so you can choose the language you are familiar with to avoid the confusion of language barrier. Finally, the Ancel BM700 can save you money by supporting lifetime free online upgrades and updates.

Ancel BM700 Bullet Points
  • Friendly Design: The BM700 has a slightly larger screen, making it easier to read graphed information and other data. Its button panel also has two convenient hotkeys for quickly checking emissions or reading fault codes.
  • Wide Coverage: Diagnoses all BMW Group vehicles(BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce) and has the ability to work on 12V cars and light trucks (non-electric) manufactured after 1996 that are OBD II-compliant with 16-Pin OBD II protocols (J1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CAN).
  • OBD 6 Modes: BM700 is capable of reading/erasing fault codes, showing error code definitions, turning off the MIL (check engine light), reading data stream, testing EVAP system, reading I/M, checking battery voltage and retrieving VIN information.
  • One-Click “READ DTC”: Features one-click “READ DTC” to read engine error codes quickly. Automatically records vehicle information after you test the vehicle for the first time, which frees you from tedious every-time manual input. Life-time free software updates available to fix the latest bugs or add new parameters.
  • Basic Functions for BMW Group vehicles: do the all system diagnosis(Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS, SRS, ESP, TPMS and other systems), read and clear fault codes. and also read data stream and retrieve VIN information. The shortcut menu “Erase All System Fault Codes” allows you to clear all fault codes in one click when diagnosis completes.
  • Advanced Functions: CBS reset/correct, Battery registration, EPB reset, SAS learning, DPF regeneration, EGS clear adaption, TPS adjustment, ECU reset (ACMS/RDC reset), DME/DDE engine special functions, Fuel Pump reset (F chassis only), TPMS reset manually, etc.

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The ANCEL BM700 Review from R. Mullen
4.6/ 5

Easy to use, fast to return codes for BMW 2014 X5. Well built case and cord / connector. Software menus seem good, easy to use selecting your car. Haven’t tried Battery Management yet but that is reason I got it.

Ancel BM700 Special Functions
  • EGS(Electronic Gearbox Control) Clear Adaption: Automatic transmissions/gearbox are unpredictable sometimes, which can be extremely expensive if not maintained properly. BM700 can help you complete the maintenance of the transmissions.
  • Battery Registration: Battery test function detects real-time voltage from 12V batteries to help you monitor the battery status. Disregarding the need to register and code for a new battery may result in improper charging. BM700 has the capacity to register a new battery once you replace it.
  • EPB(Electrical Park Brake) Reset: Electrical Parking Brake is a technology that realizes parking brake by electronic control. BM700 is a essential tool required to release rear electric parking brake unit when replacing rear pads or discs so that the caliper piston can be moved back. It can also clear codes and turn off the EPB light when it’s done.
  • Fuel Pump Reset: This function only works for the F series automobile chassis.
  • SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) Learning: BM700 can read the fault codes, perform the sensor calibration if needed, and clear the codes when you done.
  • DME/DDE Special Engine Functions (DPF Regeneration, IQA, TPS Adjustment Included): DPF Regeneration and Reset, TPS Reset, Idle Speed Adjustment, Injector Coding(IQA), CO Adjustment, Exhaust Gas Recycling, engine clear adaption, etc.
  • Reset Service Interval Indicator: oil service reset, inspection reset, time interval reset, correct follow-on service, display service interval status;
  • CBS Reset/Correct: engine oil, spark plugs, front brakes, rear brakes, coolant, diesel particulate filter, brake fluid, micro filter, vehicle annual inspection, exhaust emission inspection, vehicle check, etc.
All System Diagnostic & Special Service Reset Functions
  • Maintenance function A: CBS maintenance reset and maintenance correction [Engine oil, Spark plugs, Front brakes, Rear brakes, Coolant, Diesel particle filter, Brake fluid, Microfilter, Vehicle inspection, Exhaust emission inspection, Vehicle check]
  • Maintenance function B: Reset maintenance interval indicator [Oil service, Inspection, Time interval, Correct follow-on service, Display service interval status]
  • DME/DDE engine special function IQA, Idle speed adjustment, fuel injection rate, CO adjustment, Clear adaptions, Learn Valvetronic limit positions, Exhaust gas recycling, DPF Regeneration, Replace DPF
  • ABS/ASC/DSC special functions bleeding routine, Mix-up checks, brake lines, Adjustment steering-angle sensor
  • EGS Clear adaptions.
  • Battery Management Register battery replacement, Evaluate battery charge state
  • EPB Electronic Parking Brake Matching procedures, repair shop mode (replacement of brake pads), initialization.
  • Adjustment steering-angle sensor.
  • F Chassis fuel pump reset.
  • ECU reset ACSM/airbag ECU reset, RDC TPMS ECU reset.
Ancel BM700: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
All-system diagnosis for BMW Group vehicles Requires Windows system to update (no Mac compatibility)
Wide range of maintenance and reset functions Doesn’t include an adapter for 20-pin vehicles
Supports injector coding and SAS calibration
Convenient hotkeys on the interface
Can be used with 20-pin vehicles made in 1998 and earlier
  • Q: There is more than one car in my house. I have a BMW and a Mercedes. Is it suitable for me to buy this product?
    A: This product can do OBD2 6 modes on Mercedes-Benz. And it is a very powerful tool for your BMW, so if you need to maintain your BMW, and want to do some basic test of the Mercedes, it could be very helpful.
  • Q: What is the difference between BM500 and BM700?
    A: Both BM500 and BM700 are specialized in BMW vehicles, but BM700 is a professional upgraded version of BM500. these 2 scanners can do all-system diagnosis of BMW cars, but BM700 has stronger compatibility (BM500 cannot diagnose 20PIN old cars even with adapters) and more advanced functions(EPB, EGS, etc).
  • Q: The description says that it can support all BMW Group vehicles. Why can’t my car do all the functions mentioned?
    A: BM700 does support the OBD 6 modes of all BMW Group vehicles as well as full system diagnostics (depending on the actual number of systems in the vehicle). But the advanced functions might vary due to the different system configurations of the vehicles.