Best Autek IFIX 969 ECU Coding/Programming Scan Tool(Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

        Autek IFix 969 is an all-system scanner with a two-inch graphic display sensor that can quickly, accurately and clearly display real-time data. It has basic functions, but also special features such as oil reset, TPMS, ESP anti-burglar device, and most importantly, the advanced feature of ECU coding. Autek IFix 969 is compatible, has a wide range of coverage, supports 1996 and newer vehicles, and can work for more than 40 global brands. IFix 969 is suitable for people such as repair shops, technical professionals and DIYers, with more reliable performance and better user experience, and supports free updates.

Autek IFix 969 Bullet Points
  • Wide Range of Application: This scanner fits for Technician , advance DIY, garage, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, diagnostic tech, truck man, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic, weekend DIY, individual.
  • Regular Maintenance Service: Autek obd2 Scanner IFix 969, one of the most versatile OBDII diagnostic scan tool on the market, is an ideal choice for professional mechanics and advance DIY Users, with its extensive list of 8+ hot service functions including Oil Reset, SAS Calibration, Throttle Adaptions, TPMS Reset, ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Battery Registration, EPB Reset, etc.
  • 14+ Extra Service Functions: Most European cars are able to do Erasing Learnt Values, Adapting ECU To Throttle Valve, Adapting Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Basic Setting for Transmission, Remote Fob Clearing/Matching, Coding Instruments, Zero Position of Steering Angle Sensor, Fuel Level Indicator Adaption, Air Bag Deactivate/ Active, Instrument Cluster Language, Basic Setting for AC/Heating, Coding New Airbag Control Modules, and Brake Pad Change.
  • Full OBD2 Functions: Autek IFix 969 automotive scanner can read / erase codes, view Live Data(Data Stream), Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, O2 Monitor Test, On-Broad Monitoring Test, EVAP Monitor Test, retrieve ECU version information. All systems including but no limited at ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMMO, BMS, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, Light System and A/C system etc. Coverage is up to 10000+ of car models across the global.
  • Advanced ECU Coding, Component Adaptation, IMMO: Autek IFix969 code reader offers ECU Coding, ECU Programming, Component Adaptions, Immobilizer. Coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing ways for the issues of Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, Durability of Mechanical Parts.

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The Autek IFIX 969 Review from Chad boston harris
3.8/ 5

Works great with my Jaguar and good price to considering the fancy scanner they use at Autozone wouldn’t read my car and this one does with no problem.

Top 5 Reason to Choose Autek IFIX-969
  • 1.Full system diagnostic and support OBD1(before 1996 Year) and OBD2(after 1996-2017) vehicle with full OBD adapter.
  • 2.Classic game player design and large size LCD display.
  • 3.Support multi languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Korean.
  • 4.Lifetime free software update online.
  • 5.All software have been installed in the device, you can use it directly.
Autek IFIX-969 Advanced Functions
  • Battery Registration: BMS functions is available for the vehicle which are able to register a new battery. And the battery information like brand/Ah can be found on the battery.
  • ABS Bleeding: ABS Bleeding: When the ABS system contains air, it is necessary to exhaust the braking system through the ABS exhaust function to restore the braking sensitivity of the ABS system.This OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool can read and clear the ABS sensor error code and turn the warning light off. It supports ABS Bleeding. ABS brake bleeding to get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion after repair ABS pump system.
  • Injector Coding: Code new injector numbers to replace the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed. It may lead to the engine working powerless, over high emission, or even the engine can not start if a new injector is placed or initialized without coding the it.
  • Electronic Parking Braking system Reset: Reset the brake pad after the repairs in electronic parking brake system are done. It is important in the maintenance of electronic braking system safety and efficiency when replace brake pad or motor.
  • Oil Lamp Reset: This obd2 scanner allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil, clear the oil light . A function which ensures that the vehicle engine is maintained in its rightful healthy self.
  • TPMS Reset: Tire pressure monitoring system reset can be finished under the conditions of a low/leaking/high pressure tire, replacement or tire & installation of tire pressure monitoring equipment, tire pressure sensor damage, tire rotation…
  • Throttle Body Adaption: The carbon deposits and impurities will affect the accuracy of the throttle if it has not been cleaned for a long time. And the air containing impurities may enter the combustion chamber and affect the normal operation of the engine. If a throttle is cleaned, remember to reset the codes, otherwise the car computer memorized the opening when there is carbon deposits, and caused engine unstable idling and excessively high speed.
  • SAS Calibration: Millions of vehicles on the road require calibration of SAS after an airbag deployment, structural repairs, or a wheel alignment. The SAS Calibration is normally done with a scan tool, like CR629 with SAS Calibration function, by zeroing out the sensor after putting the wheels in the straight forward position.
OBD II Diagnostics Function

The OBD II Diagnostics function is a fast-access option that allows you to carry out a quick test on the engine system of OBD II vehicles.

  • Mode 0&1: Read dynamic live data / Date Stream
  • Mode 2: Display freeze frame data
  • Mode 3: Read fault codes
  • Mode 4: Clear fault cods, turn-off malfunction indicator light (MIL)
  • Mode 5: O2 sensor test to check fuel efficiency and vehicle emission
  • Mode 6: Advanced On-board monitoring test
  • Mode 7: Display I/M readiness status (Non-continuously monitored system test )
  • Mode 8: EVAP test for fuel tank system (Carbon canister test)
  • Mode 9: Retrieve vehicle information(VIN, CIN, and CVN)
  • Question: Will this function on a 99 jeep grand Cherokee 4.7
    Answer: The IFIX 969 can work on 99 jeep grand Cherokee 4.7.
  • Question: Good morning, i would like to know, if possible, if this device can read the bosch ma 1.7 mono-motronic injection. thank you
    Answer: Not sure about that, it connects to your OBD2 port.
Some videos help you better understand Autek IFIX 969
Autek IFIX 969 Introduction