Best Autophix 7610 Scan Tool Review 2021[Update]

Autophix 7610 Scanner is an OBD2 Professional Scanner designed specifically for automotive diagnostics that is powerful, affordable and suitable for individuals or auto repair shops. It has functions such as reading and deleting trouble codes that can cause emission problems with your vehicle, turning off MIL(check your car engine) and I/M ready, reading data stream, vehicle identification information (VIN, CIN, CVN), in addition to special functions such as battery registration, oil light service reset.

AUTOPHIX 7610 Bullet Points
  • Easy to Operate: AP7610 car diagnostic tool via 2. 8″ TFT 262K true color LCD display screen to indicates the test results , with the silicone keypad you can easy to access the each of menu options, Rugged drop-proof case Prevent falling, the menu layout on the screen is easy to understand and you will no trouble to figuring out how to do what you needed.
  • Reset and Diagnose With Ease: Oil reset. Do you know that pesky overdue oil change indicator? You can turn it off with this scan tool. Battery monitoring system (BMS) reset. Electronic park brake (EPB). Replace or remove the brake cable safely, adjust its tension, calibrate a replacement, and more. Electronic throttle control (ETC).
  • Powerful Features: For VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat vehicles, read and erase codes on Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS (not all cars), ESP, TPMS and more systems; Reset the oil, brake pad and Throttle position adaption. For normal OBD2 vehicles, read and erase codes; show definitions, turn off the MIL (check engine light) and retrieves VIN information.
  • Powerful Special Functions: Service Reset, Throttle Learning, EPB Replace brake pads, Diesel engine special fun, steering angle learning, Tire pressure reset(TPMS), Injector adaptation.
  • Life-Time Free Software Upgrade: With 7610 automotive scanner, you can enjoy life-time Free software upgrade, which let you stay current with the latest technology and add newest vehicles. Just download the software from AUTOPHIX website, then follow on-screen instructions to go.

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The AUTOPHIX 7610 Review
4.3/ 5

It is easy enough to use once you find where it plugs up under your dash board. It is similar to the ones used by your auto parts tech at your local auto parts store. Better yet it can save you a lot of stress by giving you a heads up on why your “check engine light” is on. Highly recommend.

Top Reasons to Choose AUTOPHIX 7610
  • OBDII functions: AUTOPHIX AP7610 offers all functions including data stream, read and clear codes, IM readiness, O2 test, on-board monitoring, VIN, Evap, DTC, freeze frame data.
  • System diagnosis: It can access most major systems including the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission.
  • Special functions: These include oil reset, EBP, throttle learning, diesel engine, tire pressure reset, injector adaptation, and steering angle learning.
  • Vehicle coverage: AUTOPHIX AP7610 OBD2 scanner is made to diagnose 12V 16pin vehicles for VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, etc. It comes with lifetime free updates.
  • User-Friendly: This scan tool has a 2.8” TFT 262K true color LCD display screen. You can use the user-friendly silicone pad to interact with the menu, read test results, etc. To use this device, simply connect your scan tool to the OBD2 port in your vehicle. The scan tool should connect automatically once you turn your car on.
AUTOPHIX 7610 Special Features
  • Basic Functions:1.Read & Clear Fault Codes 2.Version Information 3.Read Data stream 4.I/M readiness 5.EVAP test Special Functions 1.DME/DDE engine
  • special function:1.Reset Service interval indicator 2.ABS/ASC/DSC special functions 3.EGS Clear adaptions 4.Battery Management
AUTOPHIX 7610 Full Systems
  • 1.Full OBDII functions: Read Fault Codes, Erase Fault Codes, Read Datastream, Vehicle Information, EVAP test
  • 2.AP7610 Basic functions: Read Fault Codes, Erase Fault Codes, Read Datastream, Version Information
  • 3.Oil Lamp Reset: Reset the oil life systems every time the oil and oil filter are changed;
  • 4.Injector: Code new injector numbers to replace the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed;
  • 5.Electronic Parking Brake Reset: Deactivate and activate the brake control system, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, etc.;
  • 6.Steering Angle Calibration: Perform steering angle sensor calibration and clear records;
  • 7.Battery Register / Battery Maintenance: Evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the closed-circuit current, register the battery replacement, etc.;
  • 8.ABS Bleeding: When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity;
  • 9.Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn: Initialize the throttle actuators so that the “learned” values stored on ECU are returned to the default state;
  • 10.TPMS Reset: Tire pressure resetting is required to be performed after maintenance is performed;
  • 11.Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Adaption and Regeneration: Clear PM (Particulate Matter) from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode to stabilize the filter performance;
  • 12.ACSM/airbag ECU reset, RDC TPMS ECU reset ,Reset Fuel pump, Transmission System Functions/ESP System Functions /Immobilizer System Functions, etc.
AUTOPHIX 7610: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Shows accurate definitions Some features don’t work on some models
Excellent build hence very durable Cannot upgrade on a Mac
Lifetime free updates More expensive than most other options
May not work well unless upgraded
Available in about a dozen languages
The screen can be customized
  • Question: Does it work on 2017 honda fit?
    Answer: AUTOPHIX 7610 car scanner will diagnose the engine system for your vehicle. It can also scan other systems for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles.
  • Question: Will it retract the electronic brakes on 2019 tiguan?
    Answer: The AUTOPHIX 7610 scanner will retract the electronic brakes on 2019 tiguan.