Best Autophix OM126P scan tool Review 2021[Update]

Autophix OM126P is an enhanced professional car scanner that can accurately detect and fix problems when the vehicle engine OBDII system turns on the dashboard warning light (MIL). Autophix OM126P is competitive with other products, with user-friendly buttons and interface for improved operating comfort. Autophix OM126p also supports lifelong software upgrades, saving owners time and money.

AUTOPHIX OM126P Bullet Points
  • Save You Time and Money: OM126 is one small size universal OBD code reader, which used to check engine system on all cars with OBDII standard. It provides DIYers and car owners with a convenient tool for reading and erasing fault codes fast. Before sending the repair, you can detect the problem of the car, and can be targeted for maintenance. Save your time and money.
  • Easy to Operate: The OM126P car diagnostic tool equipped with 2. 4″ TFT 262K true color LCD display screen to indicates the test results , with the silicone keypad you can easy to access the each menu options, the I/M Readiness hot key can check the state emissions readiness and drive cycle verification. Also, a wealth of car information is retrieved to find out all about your car without hassle for recording, car tracking, buying matched parts etc.
  • Lifetime Upgrade Online: The update software support windows 7/8/10 Only windows 7 need to install the driver. Open update tool and loading OM126 software to machine, then lighting screen, enjoy new software.
  • Powerful Features: Built-in 14 special functions in 1 car reader, read and erase stored emission related codes, pending codes, and show code definitions, data steam, freeze frame, on-board monitoring, and show the vehicle information, I/M reading, review the recorded DTC, review & print report. Support O2 sensor and EVAP system test, let you initiate a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system, identify trouble shooting related to fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions.
  • Worry-Free Service: Plug & Play, no battery or charger required;OM126P OBDII diagnostic scan tool supports a lifetime free software updating and Review & Print diagnostic reports from the Auto fix ,via connect to a computer via USB (for Windows 7/8/10 ONLY), and we offer one year warranty , if you cannot confirm its compatibility, please feel free to consult us.
  • Feedback Your Problems: OM126P can solve many common automotive problems. If you have problems on your vehicle? Don’t worry, just turn the “FEEDBACK” option on in the Settings and then send us the recorded issue file via PC, and our support team will consult you as quickly as we can.

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The Autophix OM126P Review
4.6/ 5

Its functions,as advertised, it can read and clear engine faults that are not HARD codes (dead sensors that signal the ecu when you key one, and not faults that require several miles or ignition cycles to register. surprisingly it also showed be pending faults, very handy.

Top Reasons to Choose AUTOPHIX OM126P
  • View Data Stream: Supports all data stream for compression ignition vehicles, there are 3 types of data: View all item, Select item and View graphic items. Let you view all data stream items and the live waveform of all selected items.
  • Steady Performance CPU: With best advanced STM-32 main chip set, The AUTOPHIX OM126P car code reader has a high speed and steady performance, which could fast read within 2-3 seconds, and quickly determined the problem of the car engine, check the engine light and show the live data.
  • Data Review: OM126P OBD2 code reader can help you review the recorded DTC, which can review DTC, delete DTC data and delete all DTC data. Storing diagnostic data report for review and print, built in a lookup library to search for the definitions of DTCs stored in the DTC library and for code breaker information.
  • Checking Car Engine Tool: The OM126P Enhanced OBDII scanner can read and erase the trouble codes that can cause emission problems in your vehicle in seconds, turn off the MIL (check your car engine) and reset the monitor, build a DTC lookup library you can find the related code definitions to help you determine if your car needs repair, to save you time and money, and dramatically improve your car lifespan / performance.
  • O2 Sensor Check: Automatic recording of car emissions. Equipped with a display monitor and I / M monitor readiness test function, the auto code reader is a must as you can test the emission of your vehicle in advance. Therefore, it is more likely to pass the smog check. Have your vehicle checked at any time and anywhere before the annual emission test (smog check).
  • Read Vehicle Information: This AUTOPHIX OBD2 scan tool can retrieve the vehicle information, such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc., which offers help and convenience to users for repair or parts replacement.
  • Colorful LCD Display: The OM126P OBDII scanner has a .2.4 TFT 262K true color, 320*240 QVAG LCD display which indicates test results more Clearly and vivid,features with user-friendly UI design. The menu function is clear and there are six menu function options to choose from.
AUTOPHIX OM126P Features
  • Diagnosing trouble as efficiently as possible
  • Identifies the Powertrain information and shows current data available to the scan tool.
  • Displays Freeze Frame Data; Used to clear DTCs and Freeze Frame Data.
  • Display the type of powertrain or emission related DTCs stored by a 4 digit code identifying the faults.
  • Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Test Results.
  • Non-continuously Monitored Systems test results.
  • Request for DTCs (pending) from Continuously Monitored Systems after a single driving cycle has been performed to determine if repair has fixed problem.
  • This special Control Mode requests control of the on-board system, test, or component bi-directionally (where applicable).
AUTOPHIX OM126P Special Functions
  • I/M Reading is to test Misfire/Fuel system/Comprehensive component.
  • On-Board Monitor Test can be utilized to read and results of on-board diagnostic monitoring, testing for specific components/systems.
  • EVAP System Test let you initiate a leak of test for the vehicle’s EVAP system.
  • O2 Sensor Test allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test result for the most recently performed test from the vehicle’s on-board computer.
  • Review the recorded DTC, read hard (memory) / pending (intermittent) and historic codes and show definitions.
  • View stream data and freeze Frame, see the live data by graph or chart.
  • Review & Print can save or print the diagnostic report as need.
  • Vehicle Info will display the information such as VIN(Vehicle Identification Number), CID(Calibration ID) and CVN(Calibration Verification Number).
  • 9.2.4’’ colorful LCD screen OBD Scanner, perform the full engine diagnosis and data for your car.
  • 10.Pull engine related Generic and Manufacture specific, and pending trouble codes.
  • 11.Reads and displays live sensor readings in text or graphs forms, supports unique 4 parameters compare in real time.
  • 12.The OM126P’s diagnostic speed is 2-3 times faster than other obd2 scanner with newest optimization algorithm in industry
  • 13.Supports 10 languages and wide compatible all 12V Vehicles from 1996 and newer.
AUTOPHIX OM126P: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
It supports many languages. Its instruction manual is poorly printed and formatted.
It’s easy to use and understand. The plastic casing can easily break, especially when used in a repair shop.
It does not require any batteries; you can just plug it into your vehicle.
It has a good build quality.
It is lightweight.
It troubleshoots errors efficiently and quickly.
  • Question: So the what years can this scan, our oldest vehicle is an 01 and our newest is a 17
    Answer: OM126P can Works on all after 1996 and newer vehicles models in the USA(OBD II&CAN) or other imported vehicles. Quickly read and erase the DTC on all OBD II protocols vehicles: CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000.
  • Question: Will this work on my 1996 Geo tracker?
    Answer: Your GEO should be OBDII since it is built after 1995 and therefore this device should work. I have no direct experience with this device in a Geo so I cant say for sure, it is a far more reasonable gamble than some of them out there and this is a quality piece. It works great on my subarus.
Some videos help you better understand AUTOPHIX OM126P
AUTOPHIX OM126P Introduction