Best Review EDIAG YA-201 Diagnostic Tool 2021[Update]

EDIAG YA-201 is a scanner that can be freely updated and displays complete OBD2 features with enhanced real-time data graphs for battery testing and recording data streams. Patented design, plug and play, with a 2.4-inch 240×320p clear display, nine languages and longer OBD2 cables make it comfortable and easy to operate. In addition, EDIAG YA-201 is able to trigger tests, such as EVAP sensor tests, to make it worthwhile.

EDIAG YA-201 Bullet Points
  • Multi-9-Languages:  English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Allows the user to change the language used by the tool, most scanner only support 7 languages.)2020 Elite Ver. Live Data Graphing Code Reader
  • Worth: Code reader car diagnostic tool + Full functions+ Mode 6 +Mode 8: YA-201 obd2 scanner can check engine light: retrieve I/M readiness, live data graph, freeze data stream, playback data stream,O2 Sensor, On-board Monitoring (Mode 6),EVAP systems(Mode 8) component test, Auto vehicle information, Upgraded battery Statu graphing. DTC lookup
  • Graphing Live data & Graphing Battery Voltage: YA-201 Vehicle Code Reader is good at Mode 6 On-board monitor test (According to the maximum and minimum parameters, you can read the hidden errors of the car, even if the engine light is not on). Advanced graphing accurate real-time data and battery voltage state, freeze data stream by this obd2 scanner
  • PASS Smog Check: “O2 Sensor Test & I/M Readiness” This YA-201 vehicle code reader helps Smog Check Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test result for the most recently performed test from the vehicle’s on-board computer. “Easy to Pass Smog Check” Less Oil and more performance for your vehicles!
  • Advanced Hardware: This code reader car diagnostic tool comes with 2. 4′ TFT colorful LCD display with Blacklight, Delicate resolution for eye protection, Lifetime-free update, Longer obd2 cable, Ergonomics patents design, plug and play. This Vehicle Code Reader is recommended by over 50,00 DIYer Ueser fans. Why not take it home?
  • Vehicle Coverage: Thisobd2 scanner work on domestic and import vehicle, such as car, light-duty trucks (12v only), SUV and mini-vans with standard OBD2/EOBD/JOBD&CAN protocol. This car scanner support 9 language(EN,FR,PT,DE,IT,JP,EL,PT,ZH)
  • Worry Free: 5 Yrs Warranty & Lifetime Free Update: UCAR TECH offer 5 years warranty for YA201 OBD2 obd2 scanner. It supports lifetime free update 60 day refund and replacement for unsatisfied.
  • DTC LookUp: “Accurate description of DTC” Unlike other scanners that do not have this function, ya-201 code reader can read the error code reason of the product and indicate the possibility.” Read Hidden Codes on the Data Stream Menu” You can use the data stream menu to read the DTCs , even your vehicle do not show up the codes
  • Lifetime Free Update: ” Plug & Update Free” USB interface is quickly upgraded, YA-201 Obd2 Scanner no need to install drivers. The tool software can be updated via USB, so you always have the latest car model data. “Tech Support” You also can get Help lifetime free from official website, use the feedback function to improve this code reader with engineer.

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The EDIAG YA-201 Review
4.4/ 5

It works great. Quickly identifies the vehicle and scans the codes. The interface is intuitive and doesn’t take long to figure out all the menus, even without resorting to instructions. I am very pleased with this little tool, and plan on keeping it in the car for all long trips.

EDIAG YA-201 Features
  • Read Live Data Stream: This Obd2 Scanner YA-201 shows the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display or text. You can “Top” the important data.
  • View Freeze Frame Data: This code reader Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.
  • Playback Data History : YA-201 Obd2 Scanner print data via screenshort functions for —— fault codes, read VIN, On-Board Monitoring, Component Test, O2 Sensor Test, I/M Readiness, Freeze Frame, Live Data & history data of your vehicle.
  • Print Data : This obd2 scanner YA-201 allows screenshot function to print the data you need.
  • Read VIN : This vehicle code reader YA-201 can read Vehicle information.
  • Get early warning : before use this code reader to read codes ——Technicians suggest that battery testing before diagnosis can improve accuracy and get early warning.
  • Battery State: Display the instantaneous voltage across the battery terminals in a graphical way. This helps you to get early warnings for possible battery and the charging system problems.
  • Graph Live Data: Graphical real-time data stream is helpful to read the hidden problems of the car, and the massive PIDs are helpful to analyze the state of the car.
Full Enhanced OBD2 Functions
  • On-Board Monitor Test(Mode 6)—— Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems.
  • Component Test——Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability.
  • O2 Sensor Test——Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests.
  • View Freeze Frame Data——Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.
  • “Graph” Live Data Stream ——Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display.
  • I/M Readiness Status ——Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for smog check
  • Data Stream——Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.
  • Read Erasing Codes & Reset Codes——Show the detailed description of the DTCs: Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.
EDIAG YA-201: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Good compatibility Mode 6 is not provided as a readable option
Fast reading code
All OBD2/EOBD/CAN vehicles
“Obd2 & Eobd & Can”:

  •  American Car : Need Standard OBD2 Protocols from 2000 to now;
  • European Car : Need Standard OBD2 Protocols from 2003 to now;
  • Japanese/Korean Car: Need Standard OBD2 Protocols from 2006 to now;
  • Chinese Car: Need Standard OBD2 Protocols from 2009 to now
  • Question: Can YA-201 support diesel vehicle?
    Answer: Sure! The YA-201 can support 12v diesel vehicles.(read clear fault codes, graphing live data, Mode6 on board monitor, mode8 Evap systems, record data, I/M readiness, smog check, up to 10 full modes)
    Note: Before selling, we have invite over 500 U.S. auto repair shop to test it’s compatible. After testing, it can support 99.99% Vehicles on the U.S. Marketing. Like Jeep, GM. Volvo, Ford, Subaru, Benz, BW, and more best selling vehicles
  • Question: Can this ya-201 code reader work well on mode 6, mode 8. mode 9?Answer: Sure. Ya-201 obd2 code reader made for full 10 modes OBDII support enhanced mode 6 on-board monitor test, mode 8 EVAP systems test, mode 9 , mode 10, graphing live data, live data stream, Freeze frame data, battery voltage test, I/M readiness, O2 sensors, and more)