Best Review KZYEE KM301 2-in-1 Code Reader Battery Tester Scan Tool 2021[Update]

Kzyee KM301 is a self-running device that combines scanning and battery testing in one, making it the most revolutionary automotive diagnostic tool. The KM301 can test any 12V battery with capacity from 100 to 2000CCA, including CCA value, voltage, internal resistance, battery life percentage, starting time, starting voltage, and ripple test. It can not only provide check engine light reset and car analysis, Displays information about stored fault codes, permanent fault codes, and operational launch monitoring tasks, providing any user with important information to troubleshoot vehicle problems, and powerful OBD2 features, including read code, clear code, real-time data, and more.

Kzyee KM301 Bullet Points
  • 2-in-1: KM301 combines a scan tool and a battery analyzer into one, quickly reads and resets check engine light codes on all OBD2 compliant vehicles, and analyzes the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state, starting system, and charging system common faults.
  • Specific Functions: Watching the operation of the 02 sensors on the graph mode enables you to locate the bad sensors in a couple of minutes; Data logging feature makes it available to record and review logs. Ability to print the result makes the process of investigating the issue a whole lot easier.
  • Quick Speed: Enables to see if your car charging system is working correctly as well as check if your car battery is sending the necessary amperage throughout the electrical system. Meanwhile, the ripple test only takes 6 secs to show the real time ripple, ripple volt and charging volt value, which help mechanics to diagnose the rectifying circuit.
  • On-Board Monitor: This function can be utilized to read the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for a specific component.
  • Live Data: Accesses to emissions readiness status displays Live Data in both graph and text forms. Built-in on-screen DTC definitions help you find some deep problems and makes your diagnosis easier. Auto VIN acquisition, O2 Sensor, and EVAP Test (Mode 8), Advanced On-board Monitoring (Mode 6) are all available.
  • Freeze Frame Data: Freeze frame data can be either a single record of a certain set of operating conditions. It’s a snapshot of whatever is wrong with your vehicle to help you fix your vehicle in time.
  • I/M readiness: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating correctly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.
  • Battery Test: Gives you an overall analysis of the batteries health vt checking it’s voltage, inner resistance, cranking power, and aging status
  • Cranking Test: Allows you to check if the starting system works correctly by displaying the decision on the stater system, cranking voltage and cranking time in milliseconds. Normally, cranking voltage value lower than 9.6V is regarded as abnormal, and the battery testr result will also be displayed at the same time.
  • Charging Test: Makes sure the system works well, by running ripple test, loaded test and unloaded test.

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The KZYEE KM301 Review from luis B
4.5/ 5

The diagnostic tool with battery tester is a great combination in one device. The tester is easy to use with clear instructions and bright screen. The unit appears reconditioned but seems to work well.

KZYEE KM301 Full OBD2 Functions
  • Read Codes
  • Erase Codes
  • Live Data
  • View Frezee Frame
  • I/M Readiness
  • O2 Monitor Test
  • On-Board Mon, Test`
  • EVAP leak Test
  • Vehicle Info.
KZYEE KM301 Product Features
  • 1.Compatible with vehicles since 1996(OBDII and CAN) .
  • 2.Retrieves Generic(PO, P2, P3 and U 0), Manufacturer Specific(P1, P3 and U1) and Pending Codes.
  • 3.Reads, displays and clears DTC codes.
  • 4.Reads and displays VIN information.
  • 5.Reads and displays monitor status.
  • 6.Multilingual.
  • 7.Displays, records and playbacks complete OBDII vehicle data stream.
  • 8.Displays DTC Cause/Tips.
  • 9.Presents graphs data.
  • 10.Upgrades via network.
  • 11.Detects l/M Readiness Status through hot key.
  • 12.Prints data through computers.
KZYEE KM301 Battery Analysis
  • All 12V Lead-acid Batteries
  • Test Battery On and Off the Vehicle
  • Battery Test with Healthy Index, Internal Resistance
  • Cranking Test with Cranking Time
  • Load Voltage & Unloaded Voltage
  • Ripple Test & Charing System Status
  • Battery Qucik Test by Entering Ah
  • Review & Print Test Results
  • Question: Does it state if the battery is “good” or “bad” instead of numbers?
    Answer: Yes, it states out the test result with voltage, healthy percentage, inner resistance, and of course five conclusions “Good Battery”,” Good Recharge”,” Good, Recharge”,” Replace” Bad Cell”, “Replace”,” Charge, Retest”. For more details, you can download the user manual on the landing page.
  • Question: Hello i have a 2004 honda crv ex 2.4 liter model awd abs on all 4 tires will this tool work on my car ? what live data is available for my car?
    Answer: yes, it will work on your honda, but just for the engine, it won’t support ABS.FYI, this unit is a check engine light scanner, plus a battery tester. There are too many live data available, maybe you can see the video on the landing page.