Best Review NEXAS NL102 Plus Scan Tool 2021[Update]

The NEXAS NL102 Plus heavy-duty diagnostic scanner is designed with a 2.8-inch TFT color screen and user-friendly software interface. It is easy to use, equipped with DPF/ sensor calibration/oil reset + vehicle engine inspection. It supports all heavy-duty trucks (J1587,J1939 and J1708 Class 4-8 trucks) that meet standard protocols.

NL102PLUS Bullet Points
  • Support Multiple Systems:  Engine, Transmission, Instrument Panel, Drivetrain, Braking System, Suspension, ABS, ESP, EPS, Fuel System and etc. You can get real time data related to system and do some repair by yourself using this truck tool, which will save much time and money.
  • Battery Power Monitor + One Key Help:  If the battery voltage is less than 11. 8v, it shows you start engine over to 1500rpm and charge the battery, if it is less than 10. 8v, show stop the testing and check the battery. As for “?” Button, please press “?” button directly when a question mark “?” show on the screen, you will get the explanation.
  • HD OBD+OBDII Diagnosing: It can Read /Clear codes, View live data in a text or graphic format for trucks. Like other Professional codes reader, it can read codes, erase codes, I/M Readiness, Live data, EVAP Test, O2 sensor Test. . . etc for cars. We provide two years , so it is no risk to purchase it.
  • Truck Engine-Full OBD2 Modes: NL102 is a hand scanner that features 6 OBD2 test modes as Read codes, erase codes, I/M Readiness, Live data, EVAP Test, O2 sensor Test, Auto transmission, ABS…etc . The affordable OBD2 scanner cannot only retrieve generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) but also the manufacturer-specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes, aiming at helping technicians quickly identify the faulty part and accurately diagnose the emissions-related problems.
  • Built-in DTC Library: Built-in DTC library, no need search the codes definition on the book, just get it directly, If you are a professional mechanic, the NL102 scanner will make it easier for you to understand the code definition. If you are a car owner (DIY), you don’t need to worry about the problem on your car. Because this scanner can explain the existing problem for you and let you fix the problem faster and easier.
  • Compatibility: The heavy-duty truck diagnostic scanner is compatible with all cars, minivans, and light-duty mini-vehicles from 1996 onwards, American and Asian brands.
  • Free Update:  It provides one year & lifetime free software online update.

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The NEXAS NL102Plus Review
3.6/ 5

Had check engine light coming on with no evident problems. Reader was able to see live engine data for all components connected to CAN. Tool was also able to initiate a parked Regen. Even though it was not needed, it regenerated for about 4 minutes until it idled back.

Top Reasons to Choose NL102PLUS
  • Wide Coverage: It is a 2 in 1 Trucks & Car Diagnostic Tools, which support all heavy duty trucks(J1587, J1939 and J1708) and all OBD2 standard protocols. It can support all cars, mini vans and light duty vehicles after 1996.
  • Cab Climate: Cab climate plays an important role during driving. It can ensure the driving comfort and driving safety of the driver. When there is a problem on the cab climate, the NL102 scanner will help you to read the fault codes, show codes definitions and clear the fault codes.
  • Suspension: If there is a problem with the suspension, the truck will bump when driving on uneven roads. The Nexas NL102 scanner can clear the relevant fault codes to ensure that the vehicle can run smoothly to give you a comfortable driving experience.
  • Win in the Details:  The NL102 scanner comes with new UI, new processor and new software, aims at providing you the best diagnostic experience. One-key update,2.8”TFT color screen and languages will make you fall in love with it instantly. The response and operating speed increased by 60% at the same time. This durable tool is ruggedly built, perfect for both shop and road tests.
  • ABS: Like other systems, braking systems have evolved and become more complex, with multiple sensors and actuators operating together to make braking more smooth, consistent and safe for everyone. The NL102 truck scanner allows the user to monitor and diagnose critical ABS systems to ensure that repairs to this critical system are effective, and complete.
  • Simple Operation: 2. 8 inch TFT color screen design and user friendly software interface guide you to operate it as easy as pie.
  • Transmission: Today’s transmissions provide a wealth of information about the success of up and downshifts, solenoid action (too harsh, too soft), clutch engagement, fluid temperature, fluid level, pressure, and other, critical, operational and diagnostic information.NL102 can easily solve the troubles caused by the Transmission for you.
  • Instrument panel: A well-functioning, always ready, Supplemental Restraint System (instrument panel) is absolutely critical for occupant and driver safety. Even minor issues might impact the operation, and performance, of the instrument panel system. The NL102 truck scanner quickly, and efficiently, allows the user to retrieve, read and interpret instrument panel issues and monitor system system functionality to rapidly diagnose, and repair, the cause of the issue.
  • Braking: ABS automatically control the braking force of the brake when the car is braking, so that the wheels are not locked and in the state of edge rolling slip (slip rate is about 20%) to ensure the maximum adhesion between wheels and ground. NEXAS NL102 can Performs various bi-directional tests, turn off the light, locate in the error part.
NL102PLUS Functionality
  • Diagnosis problems in passenger cars (read and clear codes and offer you their solutions in light-duty and minivan cars), along with engine check-up, read and display your vehicle identification codes, even turn the engine lights on and off.
  • Comes with 9Pin, 6Pin, and OBD 16Pin diagnostic features.
  • 2.6 TFT color screen: the excellent screen of the display makes it user-friendly, gives a better view of your car problem areas and identified codes.
  • DTC Definitions and multilingual menu include a vast number of languages like Spanish, French, and English.
  • Featured with battery monitor function.
  • Quick Battery Status Test: Analyze the battery healthy status, which provides a reliable analysis for battery maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Tips Guide: Featuring the unique “?” Button, If there is a question mark “?” show on the screen, please press “?” key button directly, you will get the explanation
  • Support : Read/Clear codes and show Live Data on the following ECUs (J1939, J1708 and J1587),Engine, ABS, ESP, EPS, Transmission, Instrument panel, Drivetrain, Braking system, Suspension, Fuel system
NL102PLUS Features
  • Supported ECUs: engine, transmission, instrument panel, drivetrain, braking system, suspension, ABS, ESP, EPS, fuel system and etc
  • Support all heavy duty trucks in compliance with standard protocols ( J1587, J1939 and J1708)
  • Work on all cars, mini vans and light duty vehicles (OBDII & CAN) from 1996 on and latest – European, American and Asian
  • Support all OBDII protocols: CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000
  • Uniquely featured with battery power monitor function
  • Troubleshooting tips guide technicians to the root of problems faster, saving diagnosis and repair time
  • Read and erase generic codes (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific  codes(P1, P3 and U1) and pending codes
  • Easily determine the cause of the Check Engine Light(MIL) and turn off Check Engine Light (MIL), clear troubles codes and reset monitors
  • Display DTC definition, freeze frame data, monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions) and vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
  • Read live O2 sensor test data
  • Read  PCM live data stream with graphic data Display
  • Enhanced OBDII Mode 6
  • Multilingual menu and DTC definitions – English, Spanish and French, etc.
  • Software upgrade via internet
DPF Regeneration & Reset
  • DOC Cleaning Procedures, DPF Regeneration, DPF Onboard
  • DPF Regeneration in Parking, DPF Regeneration in Driving
  • After treatment Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • DPF Regeneration
  • O2 Sensor Calibration
  • EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Re+ calibration;
  • ATD Maximum Sensor Value Reset
  • Reset Service
Some videos help you better understand NEXAS NL102Plus
NEXAS NL102Plus Introduction