Best TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Reviews 2020 [Update]

Trouble happens. You left your lights on and now you’re stuck. Luckily, you are a well-prepared motorist and keep emergency equipment in your trunk—including jump starter. You are ready to bring your car battery back to life. But what is a reliable jump starter?
Upgraded Version of topdon v1200/v1500: TOPDON Volcano 2000 is a 12 volt auto lithium battery jump starter with a peak current of 2000A. It not only jump starts up to 10LGas, 8L Diesel, but also works as a 20800mAh wireless power bank.

Battery jump starter: Beatit G18 vs NOCO Boost HD GB70 vs Topdon V2000A Comparison Chart ( View table image )
Product Name Beatit G18 NOCO Boost HD GB70 Topdon V2000A
Customer Rating 4.5 / 5 4.7 / 5 4.3 / 5
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Charging Method TYPEC MICR
Capacity 21000 12000 20800
Wireless Charging 10W 10W
USB 5V/2.1A
LCD display

TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Reviews:

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TT Volcano 2000 Car Battery Jump Starter
5.0 / 5

Powerful Car Jump Starter, 10W Wireless Charger, Multi-Functional, Heavy-duty Copper Clamps for Safety.

  • 2000A Start Flat Batteries ➤ Give your 10.0L Gas & 8L Diesel Cars a quick and safe start in 1~3 seconds, with up to 25 times on a single charge. Being compact, yet powerful, 2000-amp portable TOPDON Volcano2000 is designed to work on any 12-volt lead-acid batteries, for 12v cars, trucks, pickups, motorcycles, boats, mowers, ATVs, tractors, caravans, etc.
  • Safeguards of Operation ➤ Rest assured with TOPDON Volcano2000 because of its 10 safety protections, including Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Over Temperature, Over-Charge, Over-Current, Reverse Connection, Reverse Charge, Over Discharge, Low Temperature and Low Voltage Protection, with CE and EU regulations passed.
  • Not just a Jump Starter ➤ Packed with a 20800mAh Lithium battery, this jump starter can also serve as a back-up power pack to charge USB devices (50%~75% faster), and power 12-volt devices (Air Compressor, GPS, Car Refrigerator etc.) on-the-go.
  • Advanced Design ➤ Portable and lightweight (<3lb) with a rugged and water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65. A rubberized over-molded casing prevents scratching, or marring of surfaces. The built-in LED flashlight with steady light, strobe, SOS modes can illuminate your engine bay at night, can remind the emergency situation in an accident.
  • In the Box ➤ TOPDON Volcano2000 Jump Starter, Smart Jump Clamps, Type-C Cable, DC to Cigarette Lighter Converter, User Manual, Carrying Bag, with TOPDON 1-year Warranty and top-notch customer service.
TOPDON Volcano2000 Jump Starter Extra Info
  • No longer must rely on other people with long, clumsy and potentially unsafe jumper leads, the portable TOPDON Volcano2000 gets your battery back to life any time, any place, being an intimate guardian in your journey.
  • A lithium battery jump starter rated at 2,000 Amps.
  • Compatible with the 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including 12v cars, trucks, pickups, motorcycles, boats, mowers, ATVs, tractors, caravans, etc.
  • Provide up to 25 jump starts on a single charge.
  • 10 multiple protections against short circuits, overloads, reverse polarity, and overcharging etc.
  • Power DC-powered devices as air-compressor, GPS, Vehicle Fridge, Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner, and Vehicle Air Purifier, etc.
  • Dual USB charging ports and a DC port for smartphones and other electronic devices, twice as fast as other common power banks.
  • LED flashlight with multiple modes, as Steady Light, or SOS, or Strobe.
3-IN-1 Combination
  • TOPDON Volcano2000 is a perfect combination of:
  • 1. A 2000A Peak Current Jump Starter;
  • 2. A 20800mAh Power Bank;
  • 3. An LED Flashlight.
    It can get you well-prepared for natural disaster emergencies, outdoor activities, motoring life, and daily uses etc., no matter the temperature is high or low.
2000A Peak Current, Boost in No Seconds
  • (Peak Current: When the jump starter is initially turned on, current rushes into the car battery, going from zero and rising rapidly to reach the maximum power, known as the Peak Amp or Peak Current.)
  • The higher the peak current, the more powerful the jump starter.
  • Despite the TOPDON Volcano2000 is small enough to fit in your glove box, it is powerful enough to jolt your car back to life.
  • With its powerful 2000A peak current, it can easily restart 10.0L gasoline cars and 8L diesel cars in seconds for up to 25 times on a single charge, without waiting on the roadside for help.
20800mAh Power Bank, Not just a Jump Starter
  • TOPDON Volcano2000 can also work as a compact portable power source for output of:
  • 1.12V/10A (max) DC;
  • 2.5V/2.1A (max) USB;
  • 3.5V/3A, 9V/2A (max) QC3.0.
  • Which means you can use it to recharge all your USB devices with 50%~75% faster speed than conventional charging, and power 12-volt devices (Air Compressor, GPS, Car Refrigerator, Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner, and Vehicle Air Purifier, etc.) on a daily basis.
  • Also, it is specially designed with wireless charging module, for Qi-certified cellphones.
3 LED Illumination Modes, Peace of Mind in a Box
  • The ultra-bright LED flash light has 3 illumination modes:
  • 1. A flash light when you’re in the dark;
  • 2. A strobe light to attract attention;
  • 3. An SOS signal flash, that will last up to 168 hours on a full charge, for when you’re outdoors and in need of emergency help.
  • Also, The LCD screen shows exactly the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you make better use of the power and protect your devices.
10 Safety Protections, Minimal Fuss is now a Reality
  • 1. Short-Circuit Protection (Sparkle-Proof): This protect ensures an ultra-safe status during jump start.
  • 2. Reverse Polarity Protection: Prevent the damage to vehicle electronics and the danger involved, if the reverse polarity faults occurs while jump starting:
  • 3. Over-Current Protection: Prevent excessive current or current beyond the acceptance.
  • 4. Over-Charge Protection: Stops charging a battery once it is close to being fully charged.
  • 5. Over-Discharge Protection: Saves the battery from overcharging which may cause damage to the battery, or create a safety hazard as fire danger.
  • 6. Reverse Connection Protection: Different interface design avoids reverse connection.
  • 7. Reverse Charge Protection: Prevents vehicle from charging the jump starter, and saves the car battery capacity.
  • 8. Over Temperature Protection: Shuts down the power supply, when the internal temperature exceeded a safe value.
  • 9. Low Temperature Protection: Shuts down the power supply, when the internal temperature is far below a safe value.
  • 10. Low Voltage Protection: Shuts down the power supply, when the input voltage drops below a safe value.
Easy 4 Steps, Ready and Go!
  • 1. Connect the smart battery clamp cable to the jump starter, the LED Indicator will flash alternately green and red indicating it is ready to use;
  • 2. Correctly clip the red and black clamps to the vehicle battery terminals (red to positive, and black to negative); the green light will turned on being ready for jump starting;
  • 3. Start the vehicle;
  • 4. When the vehicle is started, disconnect the clamps from vehicle battery.
  • Topdon Volcano 2000A Easy 4 Steps
    1. The product is only compatible with the 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including 12v cars, trucks, pickups, motorcycles, boats, mowers, ATVs, tractors, caravans, etc. Do not use this product with any other type of batteries.
    2. Please charge this device for at least 8 hours prior to the first use.
  • WARRANTY:12-months warranty for any quality problems.
  • WARM TIPS: For any issues that arise from using the product, welcome to get technical support via email/Q&A, or hotline at our official sit.
    Peak Current: 2000A
    Type-C: in/out 5V/3A
    Output 1: QC3.0 5V/3A, 9V/2A
    Output 2: USB2.0 5V/2.1A
    DC Output: 12V/10A
    Wireless charge:10W
    Short Circuit Protection: Effective
    Reverse Protection: Effective
    The Operation Temperature: -20°C~70°C (-4℉~158℉)
    Over Discharge Protection: 13V+/-0.5V
    Dimensions: 206*95.5*42 mm (8.11*3.76*1.65 inches)
    Weight: 1.35kg (2.98lb)
    1*Lithium Jump Starter
    1*Smart Battery Clamp
    1*Type-C Cable
    1*DC to Cigarette Lighter Converter
    1*User Manual
    1*Carrying Bag
TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Features
  • 10W Wireless Charger. Its 10W wireless charger with 20800mAh power bank is suitable for travel and business trips. The V2000’s 10W wireless charging is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.
  • Multi-Functional.  Its 20800mAh battery can charge your phones, tablets, and cameras via a QC3.0 port, 5V/2.1A USB port, and 5V/3A Type-C port.
  • Heavy-duty Copper Clamps for Safety. Premium copper clamps and 10 protections make V2000 car battery jump starter pack safe for anyone to use. Protections include reverse polarity protection, reverse connection protection, reverse and overcharge charge protection, short circuit protection, and more.
  • Powerful Car Jump Starter. With its 2000A current, TOPDON V2000 car battery jump starter pack can start a 12-volt dead battery in seconds and offers about 25 jump starts on a single full charge for engines up to 10.0L Gasoline and 8.0L Diesel.
TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Compatibility

The V2000 car jump starter is suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, yacht, lawnmowers, pickups, vans, ATVs, SUVs, snowmobiles, watercrafts and more.

TOPDON Volcano 2000A: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Wireless Charging New brand
IP65 waterproof design
25 jump starts for engines up to 10.0L Gasoline and 8.0L Diesel.
Who is TOPDON V2000 suitable for?

Vehicle owners or home DIYers, especially off-roaders, overlanders.

Some videos help you better understand TOPDON V2000
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