Which one is the Best obd2 scanner brands?
There are plenty of Obd2 scanner brands in the market, for example: AUTEL, LAUNCH, TOPDON, Innova, Foxwell, Actron ect. But which one is the most reliable manufacture and makes the best practical tool? Read this review for more information.

LAUNCH has developed to become one of the most reliable OBD2 scan tools on the market. and their products have extensive vehicle compatibility, because they value global technological development.

AUTEL OBD2 scanner is reliable, accurate, and has all the functions required by a mechanic or car owner for quick diagnosis. AUTEL is a popular name when it comes to diagnostic tools

TOPDON is an emerging technology brand focused on developing innovative, high performance products for the automotive technician. The company has an exciting line of auto diagnostic products. Most noteworthy, they all feature high-end functionality in a simple and affordable device.

OBD2 Scanner Brand Comparison Chart: AUTEL VS LAUNCH ( View table image )
Reputation: Well-Known Most Popular
Beginner Tools: Yes Yes
Professional Tools: Yes Yes +(Most Advanced tool)
Product Variety: Wide Wider(than LAUNCH)
Pricing Idea: Low to Medium to High Low to Medium to High to Expensive
Product Quality: Impressive Impressive
Usually LAUNCH tools are much cheaper than AUTEL tools. But when it comes to some functions, AUTEL usually publishes 1 month ahead of LAUNCH since LAUNCH is a listed company – avoid risk
In the United States, AUTEL is more popular than LAUNCH.

In addition, all three of them have responsive and nice after-sales service. Among them, Autel created a Youtube channel where many tutorials from Autel Academy are posted. This is very helpful for users.