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  • LAUNCH X431 TSGUN WAND – Essential TPMS Service Tool in Your Toolbox

    Why TPMS Is So Important? Have you ever noticed the TPMS low tire pressure indicator, which is a yellow symbol that illuminates on the dashboard instrument panel in the shape of a tire cross-section (that resembles a horseshoe) with an exclamation point. There are several reasons one should pay attention to this tire pressure icon, […]

  • The Diagnostic Tool of the Decade – LAUNCH X431 ProS V4.0

    With the expanding complexity of today’s automotive electrical systems, including an ever-increasing range of OEM specifications, the modern automotive technician must be one step ahead of a constantly changing industry. Unlike other tools and diagnostic equipment, the X431 series scanner is an investment that increases in value as time goes by. It represents the cutting […]

  • Best ThinkDiag Full Systems Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Review 2020 [Update]

    THINKDIAG is professional car diagnostic tool with full system diagnosis, 16 reset service functions, ECU coding, adaptation, matching, IMMO (key coding) and active test. Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: THINKDIAG vs AUTEL AP200 vs vs BLUEDRIVER Comparison Chart ( View table image ) Products Name THINKDIAG AUTEL AP200 BLUEDRIVER Image Customer Rating 4 / 5 4.3 / […]

  • THINKCAR Thinktool OE-level All System Diagnostic Tool Review 2020 [Update]

    OE-Level Professional Scanner: THINKCAR Thinktool, the world’s first All-in-one automotive diagnostic tool. As the first modular comprehensive diagnostic scan tool, Thinktool is developed for mechanics looking for a scanner with ultra-convenient and modern design while delivering ultimate performance. Thinktool can accomplish a comprehensive car full system scan diagnosis, coding, Bi-directional activate test and all service […]

  • Best Thinkcar ThinkOBD100 Scan Tool Review 2020 [Update]

    Thinkcar ThinkOBD 100 scan tool amazon obd2 scanner features on full 10 modes of OBD2 functions, DTC Lookup, and 1.77” LCD color display. It’s an excellent OBD2 code reader that you should keep in your cars as a standard equipment. It enables DIYers and mechanics to do smog tests and solve basic engine and emission-related […]

  • Best LAUNCH CRP Touch PRO Elite scan tool Review 2020 [Update]

    Launch Scanner CRP Touch Pro Elite is a top-ranking full system diagnostic scanner characterized by covering all available vehicle systems and providing precise test result of your vehicle health status. You can easily find out the root cause of problems in your vehicle and have them settled. This diagnostic tool can comprehensively scan all ECUs […]

  • Introduction of Guided Functions on Volkswagen and Audi

    Introduction of Guided Functions on Volkswagen and Audi Support products: LAUNCH Products above PRO3. (LAUNCH PROS MINI, X431 V, X431 V+) Supported Car Models: All series of Volkswagen and Audi, all system, up to the year 2019. 

  • Best Launch CReader CR6001 OBD2 Scanners Reviews 2020 [Update]

    The Launch Creader 6001 is a simple and easy-to-use scanner that scans for errors and performs maintenance checks on your vehicle. It can also provide your vehicle information in minutes and allow you to access more enhanced features. See Some Products of Launch Creader Series Comparison Chart: CR319 VS CR4001 VS CR5001 VS CR6001 VS CR6011 VS […]

  • Best Launch X431 CRP909x OBD2 Scanners Reviews 2020 [Update]

    The LAUNCH x431 CRP909X OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner is a handy and comprehensive diagnostic scan tool to enhance the efficiency of diagnosis and repairing. It performs full systems diagnoses, 15 special functions, and full obd2 functions for more than 54 vehicle brands. It helps technicians and mechanics to get accurate and detailed diagnostic information with no […]

  • Best Launch X431 v/X-431 Pro/ScanPad071 OBD2 Scanners Reviews 2020 [Update]

    The Launch X431 Pro (also known as X431V, or X431 V Pro) is a professional diagnostic scan tool that is designed to take care of both basic and complex car issues. It operates on Android 7.0 and offers quite a bunch of popular features. Launch Scanner Comparison Chart: Launch X431 V v4.0 vs Launch x431 […]