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  • Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini Full System Diagnostic Scanner review 2021[Update]

    Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini is a small but professional automotive diagnostic tool with complete OBD2 and system-wide diagnostic capabilities. That means it’s portable and easy to use. In addition to 15 maintenance reset functions, there are DTC search, one button automatic identification information, printable car diagnostic report and so on. Automatic identification can quickly obtain vehicle information, […]

  • Full System THINKCAR THINKSCAN MAX Scan Tool Review 2021[Update]

    The THINKCAR THINKSCAN MAX is a professional car scanner designed for mechanical and DIYers. It is the highest-level DIY OBD product in THINKCAR series products. It is equipped with various basic and advanced functions, equipped with Android operating system, powerful function and can be updated online. With this device, you can read and clear code, or perform […]

  • Best ThinkDiag Full Systems Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Review 2020 [Update]

    THINKDIAG is professional car diagnostic tool with full system diagnosis, 16 reset service functions, ECU coding, adaptation, matching, IMMO (key coding) and active test. Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: THINKDIAG vs AUTEL AP200 vs vs BLUEDRIVER Comparison Chart ( View table image ) Products Name THINKDIAG AUTEL AP200 BLUEDRIVER Image Customer Rating 4 / 5 4.3 / […]

  • THINKCAR Thinktool OE-level All System Diagnostic Tool Review 2020 [Update]

    OE-Level Professional Scanner: THINKCAR Thinktool, the world’s first All-in-one automotive diagnostic tool. As the first modular comprehensive diagnostic scan tool, Thinktool is developed for mechanics looking for a scanner with ultra-convenient and modern design while delivering ultimate performance. Thinktool can accomplish a comprehensive car full system scan diagnosis, coding, Bi-directional activate test and all service […]

  • Best Thinkcar ThinkOBD100 Scan Tool Review 2020 [Update]

    Thinkcar ThinkOBD 100 scan tool amazon obd2 scanner features on full 10 modes of OBD2 functions, DTC Lookup, and 1.77” LCD color display. It’s an excellent OBD2 code reader that you should keep in your cars as a standard equipment. It enables DIYers and mechanics to do smog tests and solve basic engine and emission-related […]

  • Best Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners Reviews 2020 [Update]

    Thinkcar 1s OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth While there are various types of OBD2 scanners, Bluetooth wireless scanners are getting more and more popular among DIY users. With Bluetooth devices, it gets even easier as you can now use your smartphones as diagnostic scanners. Using apps communicating to a Bluetooth connector plugged into your car’s OBD2 port, […]