About Obd2 Scanner [Reviews/product/brands/functions/price…] Comparison – 2020 [Update]

We temporarily sorted out product comparisons of some brands. If you have a product you want to compare, or if you have any questions, you can contact us. You can also submit your requirements[functions,price…] to us. We will find the scanner that suits you best, usually even cheaper than you can buy on Amazon and Ebay. Because we are a professional diagnosis team with over 10 years’ experience and we have built a solid relationship with many brands and shopping channels. Our Email:

OBD2 Scanner Brand Comparison Chart: AUTEL VS LAUNCH VS TOPDON ( View table image )
Reputation: Well-Known Most Popular Well-Known
Beginner Tools: Yes Yes Yes
Professional Tools: Yes Yes +(Most Advanced tool) Yes
Product Variety: Wide Wider(than LAUNCH) Wide
Pricing Idea: Low to Medium to High Low to Medium to High to Expensive Low to Medium to High
Product Quality: Impressive Impressive Impressive
Usually LAUNCH tools are much cheaper than AUTEL tools. But when it comes to some functions, AUTEL usually publishes 1 month ahead of LAUNCH since LAUNCH is a listed company – avoid risk
In the United States, AUTEL is more popular than LAUNCH.
Partial Obd2 Scanner Comparison