3 Best Ancel Diagnostic Scan Tool Comparison 2021[Update]

For the FX series of Ancel products, we have compared the two models before. Today, let’s take a look at FX4000, FX6000 and FX9000, and compare the differences of these three products. Choose the one you like according to the detailed introduction of specific features and functions.

Check out the table with the most detailed specifications of Ancel FX4000, Ancel FX6000 and Ancel FX9000.

Ancel FX4000 VS Ancel FX6000 VS FX9000 Comparison Chart
Let’s dive into the details and learn more about Ancel FX4000 VS Ancel FX6000 VS Ancel FX9000( View table image ):
Product Ancel FX4000 Ancel FX6000 Ancel FX9000
Customer Rating 4.1 / 5 3.2 / 5 4 / 5
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Product Dimensions 9.45 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches 9.45 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches 9.69 x 5.49 x 1.34 inches
Item Weight 2.89 pounds 3.19 pounds 3.56 pounds
Application Diagnoses All System Diagnoses All System Diagnoses All System
OBD-II Modes Compatibility 10 10 10
Screen Size 4.3″ 480 X 272 TFT 4.3″ 480 X 272 TFT 7″ 1024×600 Screen Pixels
Reads & Erases ENGINE / ABS / SRS / Transmission Trouble Codes
Reads & Erases EPB / IMMO / TPMS / SAS Trouble Codes
ECU Programming & Coding / Component Test / Component Adaptations TPMS Reset/EPB Reset/AFS Reset/TPS Reset/Oil Service Reset
With 11 OBD Connectors BMS/Injector Coding/Gear Learning/ABS Bleeding/SAS Calibration
Internet Updatable One-Click Update

1. Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanner
4/ 5

Ancel FX4000 is a professional diagnostic scanning tool designed for machinists with very powerful features. It can manually set the commonly used functions to customize the main menu, saving you a lot of time.

Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Free online lifetime updates. It doesn’t explain the codes in detail (bad for beginners.)
It self-charges when you plug it in. It’s buggy and even freezes sometimes in the middle of a diagnosis.
It supports multiple languages. Linking error pops up sometimes (resetting the device solves it.)
It supports both diesel and gasoline models. Slow response in foreign models.
The cable is quite long, which makes it easy to use the device.
It’s easy to use with four scrolling buttons.
2. Ancel FX2000 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Ancel FX6000 OBD2 Scanner
4.5/ 5

Ancel FX6000 scanner is designed with an easy-to-access interface for easy operation, seven buttons, and is an entry-level coding and programming tool with advanced features.

ANCEL FX6000: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Supports OBD2 and some OBD1 vehicles. On the bulkier side due to its rugged design.
Boasts an impressively functional code reading process. Has a higher price point than models which offer less advanced functions.
Easy to set up and use.
Supports multiple languages.
Comes with Ancel’s free software updates for 2 years.

3. Ancel FX9000 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Ancel FX4000 OBD2 Scanner
4.2/ 5

ANCEL FX9000 All System OBD2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader 7” Touch Screen Android Tablet with ABS Bleeding BMS TPS DPF IMMO SAS Calibration EPB TPMS AFS Oil Reset Diagnostic Scan Tool

ANCEL FX9000 Bullet Points
  • Smart(Auto-Detect) Diagnosis: Once the tool and the vehicle are properly connected, the system starts auto-detect process. Once the whole process is successfully finished, a diagnostic report will be automatically generated and sent to your email box (if bound). It also supports print diagnose data.
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: FX9000 scan tool has the ability to work on 12V cars and light trucks (non-electric) manufactured after 1996 that are OBD II-compliant with 16-Pin OBD II protocols (J1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CAN). It also supports English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean.
  • DTC Library: Allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code from the abundant DTC database.
  • 15 Special Functions: Provides 15 Kinds of special reset maintenance service functions: oil light reset, EPB reset, TPS reset, AFS reset, DPF regeneration, SAS calibration, TPMS reset, ABS bleeding, Gear learning, IMMO service, injector coding, BMS, Gearbox matching, Sunroof initialization and Suspension calibration.
  • One-Click Update: 7 inch high configuration Android touch tablet, Let you update your diagnostic software and APK via wifi. Equipped with 6000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, longer running and standby time.
  • Full System Diagnoses: The Diagnostics application enables a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle for vehicle diagnosis. The application performs functional tests, retrieves vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble and event codes and live data for various vehicle control systems, such as ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Emission System, Fuel system, Light system, Wiper System etc.
  • Multi-Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean.