Launch Creader Series Comparison Chart 2020 [Update]

In this review, we have compared these best Launch Creader Series. Which one is better? Check out this table we’ve created for you to see how they perform against one another and view their differences.
See Some Products of Launch Creader Series Comparison Chart: CR319 VS CR4001 VS CR5001 VS CR6001 VS CR6011 VS CR7001 VS CR7001F VS CR8001 VS CR8011 VS CR8021 VS CRP429
Let’s look at the features and functionalities of these Launch Creader Series OBD2 scan tool( View table image ):
PRODUCT CR319 CR4001 CR5001 CR6001 CR6011 CR7001 CR7001F CR8001 CR8011 CR8021 CRP429
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Tool Features
1996 – Present – OBD2
C.A.N. Capability
Color Screen 1.77″ 2.4″ 2.8″ 2.8″ 4.0″ 4.0″ 4.0″ 4.0″ 4.0″ 4.0″ 5.0″
Hot Keys
Tool Storage Included bag bag bag bag bag bag
OBD2 Scan Tool Functions (1996 to Present)
Read&Clear DTCs
I/M Readiness Status
Read Freeze Frame
Read Datastream
Read Vehicle Information
O2 Sensor Test
On board Monitored systems Test(mode 6)
Control of the On-Board system
Manufacturer Specific DTCs
Data Graphing
Built-in DTC Lookup
Data Record and replay
Prints data via PC
ECU Coverage
ABS system
SRS system
— No Full ECU System —
Reset Function
Oil Reset
Electrical Park Brake(EPB) Reset
Steering Angle Sensor(SAS) Reset
Battery Management System(BMS) Reset
Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) Reset
Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Reset
ABS Bleeding
Support 1 year Warranty/Multilingual Support/Internet Updatable