How to Use Autel IM608 on Mini Cooper 2014 Cas3

The Autel MaxilM IM608 is probably the best key programmer for professionals on the martket, giving you complete control over key programming and IMMO systems.

This multi-functional diagnostic tool has powerful functionality you won’t find anywhere else. It is one of the most advanced all-in-one programming tools available.
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To top it off, it’s compatible with abouT 80 different manufacturers.

Autel IM608 Automotive Locksmith Programming Tool
Autel IM608 Automotive Locksmith Programming Tool
4.6 / 5

One of the best key programmer for professionals, giving you complete control over key programming and IMMO systems.
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1. Frist we select IMMO >> MINI >> Auto Detect VIN >> Mini (Europe) >> Smart Mode

2. Autel IM608 will automatically scan the immobilizer system, engine system, and transmission system

3. Press “OK” to continue. And select the “Key Learning” function.

4. Autel IM608 will read the vehicle and ECU information.

5. This is a MINI R56 CAS3. Confirm the information and press “OK” to continue.

The system will go to generate the dealer key. You can see “Add Key” and “All Keys Lost” are both available for current CAS.
The “Key Learning” process requires network to obtain data. So it needs the stable and solid WiFi connection.

6. Remove the key from the ignition switch. If it is a smart key, take the key out of the car.

7. The system will read the key information.

8. You can save the original key data.

9. Press “OK” to continue.

MaxiIM IM608 will display the key numbers and positions.
You can select an available key position (i.e Key4) and press Programmer Generation Key.

10. Choose the key type. Today we have the semi-smart key.

11. Connect the IM608 to the XP400 programmer and put the new key into the XP400 programmer card slot

12. The system will program a new key.

13. Now you would successfully generate a new dealer key.

Insert the key into the ignition switch to start the car once.
If the vehicle cannot be started, or the ELV is displayed on the instrument, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

14. You can check the list to see if the new smart key would have been successfully generated.

Congrats! The key programming work on Mini Cooper 2014 Cas3 is done now!

Anyway, Autel IM608 allows for both a smart mode and expert mode depending on your experience level or needs.

The smart mode takes some of the guidance away from your hands and handles automated key learning.

Alternatively, the expert mode is used for advanced key learning. The smart mode is of particular value for automotive shops that need to train new employees in diagnostics.

You can also handle key operations for 3rd generation Benz vehicles, BMWs, and many Volkswagen or Audis. The latter two allow for the alteration of certain transponders. The Autel IM608 currently supports vehicles from 1996 and later.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Autel IM608 is a phenomenal diagnostic tool kit that has everything one could need for modern automotive maintenance and alteration.

Programming, scanning, and testing are all covered by its accompanying devices and software. It’s easy to use and connect and features free software updates.

As a result, it’s an ideal choice for locksmiths and audio technicians alike.

At Last ↓↓↓ Hope it can help you better understand Autel MaxiIM IM608 ↓↓↓