Best Review FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool 2021[Update]

Fixd is a cost-effective and money-saving automotive diagnostic device that turns your car’s problems into understandable terms. FIXD opinion maintenance for the upcoming reminded, and on the advice of the car manufacturers show your manufacturer/model/year/engine of scheduled maintenance, encounter problems when FIXD will tell you the seriousness of the problem, it also provides a description of possible reasons, as well as standard error code and may not solve the problems of the consequences. It uses a free Android or iOS mobile app that communicates with your phone via Bluetooth.

Fixd Bullet Points
  • Easy-to-Use OBD2 APP & Car Code Reader: The FIXD car scanner and OBD app instantly translates 7000+ engine fault codes into plain English on your phone. Wireless Bluetooth connection. Set up in minutes. No car knowledge needed.
  • Affordable: Although most car repair shops give free scans, the idea behind it is that you will purchase the required spare parts from the same shop as a sign of goodwill. However, such deals often come with long waits, and you will waste a lot of time and money. Fixd gives you an option to perform the scan at a low price in the comfort of your home before going for your routine maintenance. The diagnostic combo will cost you $60, and the bundle with two scanners goes for just $100.
  • Quick Scan: Compared to other motor vehicle scanning tools, Fixd operates much faster and efficiently than those others. You will only need a few minutes to do a full scan and get the app’s required results. Fixd also gives you a chance to scan while seated inside your car or on your driveway. If you do not have this tool installed on your vehicle, it will take up to one hour for even great mechanics to manually perform a free diagnostic scan, if you find anywhere that even does it for free!
  • Check Engine Light Issues: Fixd developers claim, and in several reviews, that you can identify up to 10 000 check engine light issues in cars. Some are simple while others require help from your mechanic. Some of these problems include oxygen sensor malfunctions, low oil levels, if you need to tighten your gas cap, if oil temperatures are at a critical level, and many more. After maintenance and every issue fixed, the dash light will automatically disappear.
  • Avoid Costly Repairs: Being armed with accurate, detailed information is the best way to avoid car repair scams. With FIXD, you can walk into the repair shop confident with a clear picture of what’s going on with your vehicle. You can even use the app to perform at-home repairs and save!
  • Keep the Whole Family Safe with Multi-Vehicle Monitoring: Connect multiple FIXD Sensors to all your vehicles, empowering you to monitor the whole fleet from one account. Receive text alerts for family members’ cars on your phone, schedule service for a vehicle – even if it’s hundreds of miles away, and more with FIXD’s award-winning OBD2 scanner and app.
  • Stay up to Date with Your Car Maintenance: FIXD is so much more than a car code reader. Leave the FIXD Sensor plugged in to get notifications on your phone when there’s a car problem or when it’s time for routine maintenance. You’ll never forget an oil change again! That’s just one more way FIXD helps you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your vehicle.
  • View Live Car Data: Monitor the health of your vehicle in real time. See O2 sensor voltage, vehicle speed, fuel trims, & more on your phone, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive OBD scanner.

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4.1/ 5

Great device.When I plugged in device. It informed me that it is the catalytic converter and that it would cost $2000. Was able to clear it. Not repairing this item, and this device allows me to clear the check engine light. Now when the check engine light comes on, I will know exactly why it came on. This device tracks your battery, tires, and windshield wipers. Also, let’s you know what maintenance is needed by your mileage.

Top Reasons to Choose FIXD
  • Secure Data: Anytime you mention wireless devices, the first thing that comes to many is the security of their content. Although Fixd uses Bluetooth, you never have to worry about data breaches since the manufacturer has ensured that your information is safe. That way, no one else can access your scans.
  • Easy to Use: While there are numerous diagnostic tools out there, the manufacturers make complex algorithms that render them too complicated to use. From a place where you have to figure out where to plug in the Fixd work by reading complicated codes, most of these tools are not easy to use. Fixd is built to offset any chance of guesswork and being wrong. Once the free diagnostic is complete, the result will show in clear and precise English. Furthermore, you can get all the work done without having to visit the database.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: When you purchase the Fixd premium sensor device from the official website, you have 30 days to try it, and if you are not entirely satisfied, you have a chance to return it within the specified period and get a full refund. That way, you will have enough time to evaluate if the device works best for your needs. However, you will be required to return the tool in its original condition with your purchase receipt.
  • Cost Estimates: Even though not all mechanics will charge the same, Fixd will give an approximate cost of repair. When your check engine light has a problem, Fixd will identify the possible issues with your car, and it will also provide you will the estimates of how much you are likely to pay to keep your car fixed based on your location or zip code. That way, you will take your car to the mechanic, knowing how much you may be required to pay. What more could you want from a great, yet simple device that does not overeat into your budget and is easy to use?
  • Predict Future Car Problems: Identify common problems based on data from other people with your car, helping you extend the life of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • Design: Nextcar Bug artThe Fixd ($59.00 at Amazon) is a smallish device, measuring 1.9 by 1.6 by 0.8 inches (HWD), that plugs into your automobile’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port, which grants access to the car’s computerized self diagnostic system. All cars manufactured in 1996 and later have an OBD-II port, which is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The Fixd sensor works on all gasoline-powered cars equipped with an OBD-II port, but it doesn’t work on cars manufactured before 1996, nor does it work on cars that are powered by diesel engines or cars that are exclusively electric. It will work on hybrid cars, however.
  • Multiple Cars for One Account: While most free diagnostic tools and apps work for one car, Fixd allows you to use one account to monitor other scanners. For instance, if you drive different vehicles with your spouse, you can install scanning tools to the OBD II of each car but use a single app to run scans. Additionally, you can use the single app for maintenance reminders for each of your vehicle/cars.
  • Protectthe Whole Family: Connect one or more FIXD OBD code readers to your vehicles to monitor the whole fleet from one account. See battery voltage, get notified about car problems, schedule service appointments, & more from your phone.
  • Upgrade Your Sensor: FIXD Premium members can also talk to a certified mechanic about car care questions and DIY repairs, get guaranteed cost estimates for repairs, & much more. This subscription is optional and not required to use the OBD2 scanner or free app.
Fixd Features
  • 2-part system of sensor & free app
  • Sensor plugs into OBD-II port
  • App translates all Check Engine lights into simple & understandable terms
  • Ability to clear the Check Engine light
  • Tracks multiple vehicles with FIXD sensor from 1 smartphone
  • Continuously monitors cars health & alerts if problem detected
  • Wireless syncing to Apple or Android smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Mileage detection for alerts to important scheduled maintenance needs
  • Provides manufacturer’s recommended maintenance timeline
  • Keeps a running log of problems detected in the vehicle
  • Works with any gas-powered vehicle, model year 1996 or newer
  • Does not require charging
  • Does not work with all-electric or diesel vehicles
  • Does not detect airbag, maintenance, TPMS or ABS lights
How is Fixd different from other devices?
  • Fixd isn’t the only device on the market that can track your car’s health. A slew of products — including CarMD, Verizon’s hum+, Zubie Key and others — all connect to your car and use a companion app to give you insight into the vehicle.
  • The Fixd sensor seems to have benefited from its retail availability at the world’s largest retailers — something not all of its competitors can match. Additionally, Fixd’s app is considered one of the best-designed programs in the space.
  • The company claims that Fixd stands out by breaking down problems into simple and understandable terms. Instead of giving you a code or technical description, the device alerts you to the severity of the issue, the consequences of continuing to drive and the maintenance timeline for your specific make, model and year.
  • We’ve tested a number of OBD-II scanners under $100, and the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool came out on top. It goes beyond basic scanners to show recalls and dynamic data, as well as offer repair suggestions.
Fixd: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Affordable car diagnostics Occasional network connection errors
Easy to use Does not work with diesel or all-electric cars
Handy maintenance reminders
  • Question: Has anybody bought this who already owned a code reader. Did it provide any additional useful info?
    Answer: No. Without the subscription you can only read and turn off your check engine light that’s it. I don’t know what turning off your check engine light is suppose to do for you because the problem is still there until you get it fixed. Paying a monthly or yearly subscription is insane. Remember this is only a Bluetooth interface between your car and your phone. You can always download another app from the app store, that’s what I did. I downloaded an app called car scanner ELM OBD2 and it works just great and it’s completely free. There are a lot to choose from at the app store. When you’re trying to get it connected it will ask you for some kind of password or something which normally is either 0000 or 1234, I forgot which one of those I used.
  • Question: Does this device/app seriously ask you for more money after you already bought it, in order to look up codes?
    Answer: With your FIXD Sensor and the free FIXD App, you can translate 7000+ engine codes into plain English on your smartphone, see how serious your issue is, access detailed repair guides and how-to videos, monitor the health of multiple vehicles, and receive automated maintenance alerts – all for FREE. We do have an optional upgrade called FIXD Premium. FIXD Premium is our 100% optional (yet extremely helpful) add-on to the FIXD Sensor. A Premium subscription is NOT required to use the features of the free app or scan your vehicle for engine codes.