The Importance of Battery Testing

On a cold morning, is your car failing to start again? When you are rushing to work, but the car simply won’t start.

The cause of this may be a flat battery.

Yes, a battery with no electrical charge is often the main cause of a non-start.

Your car’s battery is an extremely important part. Before the hot weather arrives, and to withstand the summer’s heat, it is a good idea to get a battery test to keep your battery in good condition.

A simple battery check can prevent you from being stranded in an empty parking lot.

Here are some critical battery maintenance tips.

First Check the Following

The problem may stem from a poor connection. Over time, the battery cables can become loose.

Also, keep in mind that a bad starter can cause the vehicle to not crank. Malfunctioning starters are known for making grinding and whining noise.

Your vehicle’s alternator is another possible suspect. A malfunctioning alternator can quickly deplete a battery’s energy supply.

In the event that your car fails to crank, be sure to perform a battery check.

Inspect the Battery

When performing a battery check, keep an eye out for any signs of corrosion.

A buildup of acid can make your vehicle hard to start. The battery terminals must remain clean at all times.

If one of the battery cables has worn out, it will need to be replaced immediately.

The best and most convenient way to test your batteries is by using a battery tester. Thanks to the advancements in technology, nowdays a battery tester is a tool that everyone can have in their garage.

We Recommend TOPDON Digital Battery Tester Models

They are the most popular ones on the market as they offer numerous advantages over old-school testers.

TOPDON BT100 Easy Battery Tester for DIYers
TOPDON BT100 Easy Battery Tester for DIYers
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Easy analysis of battery health, cranking condition, and charging status.
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  • Check whether your car battery is normal.
  • Battery Test: Display SOH (State of Health), SOC (State of Charge), Voltage, Current, Rating, and the readable analysis results on the backlight LCD screen and smart 3 LED indicators;
  • Cranking Test: Analyzes the actual cranking voltage and the cranking time to help you quickly figure out the whole state of the starting system;
  • Charging Test: Test different parts of the charging system, including generator, rectifier, rectifier diode, and so on for a reliable charging volt value.
  • It’s much more convenient than driving miles to find a nearby auto repair shop.
TOPDON BT200 12V & 24V Car Battery Tester
TOPDON BT200 12V & 24V Car Battery Tester
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Works on all 12 Volt and 24 Volt batteries within 100 to 2000 CCA.
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  • Cover regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL, and deep cycle batteries for vehicles, cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, mowers and even golf carts.
  • Check the overall health of the battery. Test and analyze the starting motor. Check the charging system status to avoid overcharging.
  • 2.4 Inch Color LCD Screen.
  • Apply the advanced conductance testing technology.
  • Ideal for automobile factory, garage, auto battery manufacturer, and DIYer.

Anyway, after you have completed the battery check, apply a thin layer of dielectric grease around the terminals. This maintenance procedure will help prevent oxidation.

Why Better to Use Digital Battery Testers?

One of the greatest advantages of digital battery testers is their ability to effectively access discharged batteries.

With traditional load testers, the battery needs to get fully charged so an accurate assessment of the battery capacity and condition can be done. This doesn’t happen with digital testers which are able to provide an accurate assessment of the battery condition even when the battery is “dead”.

Another significant advantage of digital testers is that they are calibrated to properly assess different types of batteries found in many modern cars, and offer an accurate assessment of the battery condition.

Last but not the Least, Check the Battery’s Expiration Date

Before leaving the manufacturing plant, automotive batteries are stamped with an expiration date. It is only a matter of time before the battery finally loses the ability to hold a charge.

So never make the mistake of driving around with an expired battery.