THINKCAR Thinktool OE-level All System Diagnostic Tool Review 2020 [Update]

OE-Level Professional Scanner: THINKCAR Thinktool, the world’s first All-in-one automotive diagnostic tool. As the first modular comprehensive diagnostic scan tool, Thinktool is developed for mechanics looking for a scanner with ultra-convenient and modern design while delivering ultimate performance. Thinktool can accomplish a comprehensive car full system scan diagnosis, coding, Bi-directional activate test and all service reset special functions.

THINKTOOL vs X431 PRO MINI/Pros MINI vs Autel ds808 Comparison Chart ( View table image ):
Products Name THINKTOOL X431 PRO MINI Autel DS808
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5 4.3 / 5 4.7 / 5
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Complete OBD2 Functions
Full System
Bi-directional Control(Actuation Test)
Service Functions 16 11 22
ECU Coding
Auto VIN
Vehicle Coverage 37 97 61
Modular support for printers, endoscopes and other tools not support

THINKTOOL Full version (37 car models) vs THINKTOOL Basic version (5 car models) vs Thinktool Mini Comparison Chart ( View table image ):
Products Name THINKTOOL
Full version
(37 car models)
Basic version
(5 car models)
Thinktool Mini
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5 3 / 5 3 / 5
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Auto VIN
TPMS Programming
Active Test
ECU Coding
All systems Diagnostic Read codes, clear codes, live data, read ecu information, active test Read codes, clear codes, live data, read ecu information
Support Car Models 37 free car makes diagnostic software. Pay to add more car diagnostic software(69.95USD for each) 5 free car makes diagnostic software. Pay to add more car diagnostic software(69.95USD for each) Supports 94 car Makes
Special Functions oil reset, EPB service, Sunroof reset, ABS bleeding, Suspension reset, Gearbox reset,AFS Headlamp Reset,Injector Coding,Throttle Adaptation,Gear Learning, EGR Reset, BMS, SAS,DPF, IMMO, Basic TPMS service
Quick Check Printing
Thermal Printer
Optional paid configuration LED working light, Oscilloscope, thermal imager, battery tester, ThinkDiag box, power bank base, endoscope, ect LED working light, Oscilloscope, thermal imager, battery tester, ThinkDiag box, power bank base, endoscope, ect Thermal Printer
Top Reasons for ThinkTool
  • -World FIRST modular design diagnostic tool
  • -Has won the Reddot winner 2020 reward
  • -11 functional modules being easily combined, to meet various needs and scenarios
  • -Well-polished user interface integrates each modular functions perfectly, giving the best interactive experience
  • -Support for more than 160 vehicle brands worldwide
  • -AutoVIN, smart and automatic diagnosis, one-click diagnostic report, and hard copy generated
  • -Integrated TPMS, Oil Reset and more, 16 service functions provided
  • -Sturdily made for durability, to withstand any tough conditions
  • -Ergonomic design to increase the grip of the person handling it
  • -Rechargeable large-capacity battery, standby time up to one month
A Load of Functionality in the ThinkTool Box
  • ECU Coding (Customize) – To modify the adaptive data for vehicle control modules, after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts including:
    [ Power Window | Illuminated Entry | Warning | Light Control | Slide Roof | Air Conditioner | Display | Unit Conversion | Entry & Start | PSD & PBD Operation | Seat … ]
  • Active Test (Actuation Test) – To test if the actuator is normal, without using the vehicle’s controls, to get a significant boost in effectiveness:
    [ Turn on the radiator fan | Modulate the throttle | Open/close windows | Operate mirrors | Turn on/off the lights | Turn on/off the sound horn | Test door lock … ]
  • Full System Diagnostics – Automatically scans for errors in all present systems, to pinpoint the exact source of the fault, with a full, clear and accurate report.
  • Repair Maintenance Functions – 16 commonly-used service functions for complete diagnoses and maintenance:
    [ Electrical Throttle Relearn | Immobilizer/Keys | Inject Coding | Reset AFS | Reset Brake | Reset Oil | Reset SAS | Reset Bleed | Reset BMS | Reset Gearbox | DPF Generation| Reset EGR | Reset TPMS | Sunroof | Reset SUS | Tooth Learning ]
  • Fast Detection and Printing – Effortless One-click AutoVin, automatic diagnosis and printing, to help you effectively accomplish the task.
    NOTE: The above functions may vary by the vehicle make, model and year.
World FIRST Modular Design Diagnostic Tool
  • The most interesting aspect of ThinkTool is not the device itself, but what it’s capable of.
  • Thanks to the 11 functional modules, this THINKCAR’s flagship ThinkTool has enough to glimpse the future of car diagnostic scanners, to meet various diagnostic applications.
    These modules are:
  • 1. Video Scope – offers much clearer inspection to the difficult-to-reach area for your analysis.
    -The first in the industry to use aviation joints for a more stable connection
    -5.5mm (0.22 inches) ultra-long and durable custom tube which can be bent freely, adapts to various complex environments
    -Designed with 3 special thread ends for multi applications
    -Support 720P HD resolution image, with 5-times digital zooming capability
    -6 high-brightness LED auxiliary lights, can be used at will in the dark
  • 2. Thermal Imager – accurately pinpoints the fault location of the car.
    -Massive automobile thermal diagnostic images included for comparison
    -7-inch HD displayer
    -Automatic hot & cold spot tracker
    -Amazing 0.07°C (0.126°F) thermal sensitivity
  • 3. Battery Tester – tests the vehicle’s battery status.
    -High-precision data reading, boost the efficiency for battery testing
    -Perfect combination with ThinkTool HD display, not the old-school monochrome LCD battery tester
  • 4. ThinkDiag – diagnoses wirelessly with freedom.
    -Can be used as a VCI for ThinkTool, being connected via Bluetooth
    -Can be used independently as a car diagnostic scanner, being paired with ThinkDiag App in iOS / Android smart devices
  • 5. Scope Box – determines vehicle electrical equipment and circuit trouble.
    -Highly configured professional oscilloscope
    -Four channels, 100M bandwidth, 1G sampling rate
    -Built-in CAN and LIN decoding
    -Combined with ThinkTool HD display to clearly show the waveform data
    -Removable modular design, compact and easy to carry
    -The physical buttons are matched with the touch screen, for more convenient operation
    -Wide range of applications: gasoline, diesel, hybrid, new energy vehicles, and trucks, etc.
  • 6. Sensor Detection (…)
  • 7. The Base – let more modules work simultaneously
    -Specially designed for the independent use of printers, projectors, work lights, and other modules, for different work scenarios
    -Equipped with a universal tripod connection interface, easy to fix
    -Large capacity battery meets long-term use
    -Display the remaining power in real time
  • 8. Working Light – Diagnostic and repair work can be performed in a dark environment.
    -144 LED lights for 25000K ultra-high brightness
    -Over 100,000 hours of service life
    -Can be used independently with the base, or paired with the ThinkTool
  • 9. TPMS Module (…)
  • 10. Projector (…)
  • 11. Printer with Printing Paper – prints diagnostic reports quickly, anytime and anywhere
    -Support real-time live data stream printing
    -High-speed printing at 60mm per second saves you waiting time
    -Over 10 years print data retention is guaranteed, due to the high-quality thermal paper
    -Can be used independently with the base
    -Can be used as a Wi-Fi wireless printer
4 Easy Installation Methods
  • The functional modules can be easily combined with the back of the device through 4 installation methods:
  • 1. Snap
  • 2. Magnetic Attraction
  • 3. Screw
  • 4. Aviation Connector
  • Which is incredibly intuitive and simple, to make changing ThinkTool Mods on the fly an absolutely effortless experience.
  • 1. ThinkStore
    To buy the required vehicle diagnostic and maintenance software.
    Each diagnostic software comes with a detailed introduction, user ratings and comments.
    All ThinkCar devices can also be bought here.
    *ThinkTool includes 5 FREE diagnostic software per year. If it binds with ThinkDiag, there will be 2 more FREE software.
  • 2. ThinkFile
    Create a vehicle profile for all tested vehicles.
    All data including diagnostic reports, real-time live data reports, thermal imaging reports, endoscope reports and others are all integrated, allowing technicians to get insight of the vehicle.
  • 3. ThinkModule
    View the purchased module products, or buy the module directly.
    Show if the module device is equipped.
  • 4. Repair Info
    Includes 4 functions:
    -DTC LookUp
    -User Guidance
    -Video Training
    -Supported Vehicles
Cover 115 Brands, and Counting
  • For OBDII diagnostics, the obd2 code reader works great for most cars built in 1996 or later, being compatible with following protocols:
    -ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000)
    -ISO 15765-4 (CAN)
    -ISO 9141-2 (iso)
    -ISO 14229 (uds)
    -SAE J1850 (VPW & PWM)
    -Original protocols of makers
  • For advanced functions as active test, all system diagnostics, and maintenance service, it covers 95% of car models available in the market including:
    Asia: Daewoo, Honda, JP Isuzu, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, SGM, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, Ssangyong
    Europe: Aston Martin, Audi, Benz, BMW, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat, Land Rover, Maserati, Opel, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Volvo, VW, Peugeot
    America: Chrysler, USA-Ford, GM
    And keep updating.
Who is THINKCAR Thinktool Scanner suitable for?

Average Car Owners, DIYers, Small & Medium-sized Repair Stores, Large-scale Workshops And more will go for the idea of a diagnostic scanner that comes with room to grow.

Some videos help you better understand THINKCAR Thinktool Scanner
1. THINKTOOL, the world’s first All-in-one automotive diagnostic tool