What You Need to Know About Check Engine & SRS Warning Light

Is it usually the last thing on your mind to make sure your car is in good condition? When all you want to do is get out on the open road and experience freedom as you’ve never had before?

But, one of the most important parts of road safety is maintaining your vehicle.

Today we will share some valuable maintenance pointers that even first-time drivers could learn, as it can not only keep their car running, but will keep them much safer while out on the road.

Check Engine Light’s on?

Don’t panic if you see it this orange, engine-shaped icon on your car dashboard’s instrument cluster.

It is programmed to turn on when the vehicle’s electronic brain detects something is wrong.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to give your next paycheck to the nearest mechanic. Problems that trigger a check engine light are sometimes basic and quick to fix.

However, don’t ignore it, either, and get it checked out as quickly as possible.

The following are some top causes of amber engine warning light:

  • Oxygen Sensor Failure
  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • Catalytic Converter Failure
  • Spark Plug/Ignition Coil Issues
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Failure

So, how to reset this annoying check engine light?

  • Drive the car, and it will go away by itself.
  • Use the “restart the car” technique.
  • Go to the auto repair shop to clear it.
  • Use an obd2 scanner.

You may consider your own car intelligence + mechanic insider from TOPDON, the obd2 scanner ArtiLink300, to save the labor money versus having a mechanic do the same work, and you’ll never worry about overcharges at car repair shops.

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Is It Safe to Drive with My SRS Light On?

Of course you will not be safe. This is the situation totally different from the illuminated check engine warning light.

You should take your vehicle to a service center as soon as possible so that a technician can inspect your SRS computer.

If the SRS/airbag light is staying on for a long period of time, there is a very real possibility that your airbags may not go off if you are involved in a collision. This will put you and your passengers in danger.

So how much will you pay to fix this SRS system failure?

  • Estimated diagnostic cost = $100-$200
  • Estimated part(s) cost = $75-$1000

Too costly, huh?

If you happen to be an at-home mechanic or a car enthusiast, you can take precaution measures like having an ABS & SRS scan tool in your toolbox, to so can keep a routine check of the brake system, and reset the airbag control module, making sure both critical systems working in perfect harmony together for safe driving, which may save a lot of potential costs.

We recommend the TOPDON ABS & SRS Scanner ArtiLink600. You can fix the following car faults with its help, or have a mechanic do the repair work if necessary:

  • Help solvemost basic obd2 underlying issues which lead to Check Engine Light.
  • Pinpoint the fault within the ABS system to prevent the wheels being out ofcontrol of locking and skidding.
  • Reveal the potential faults in the entire airbag system, sothe airbag will deploy spontaneously in a crash, and will NOT deploy while driving to avoid serious personal injuries.

Sure thing, you can use it to clear the check engine and SRS warning lights on the dashboard.

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Using the OBD scanner technique is the most successful technique to reset your warning lights on your dashboard; however, first, you need to have an automotive scan tool.

If none of the mentioned techniques worked to reset your Check Engine and SRS warning lights, then there is still an issue with your car system, and you must get it fixed with the help of professional mechanics, using Google to compare pricing and book an appointment online with a service center in your area.