ANCEL FX3000 Code Reader Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021[Update]

Ancel FX3000 is an upgraded version of the FX2000, supporting a complete OBD II test mode for engine systems, increasing cost effectiveness and powerful diagnostic capabilities. As you know, the Ancel FX3000 has the full test mode of OBD2. It has basic functions such as reading and cleaning transmission /ABS/SRS codes. In addition, it has five advanced functions: oil lamp reset, EPB release, SAS calibration, ABS reset, and battery registration. The Ancel FX3000 has four system functions, such as engine system, transmission system, anti-lock braking system and SRS system.

Ancel FX3000 Bullet Points
  • User-friendly Design: FX3000 diagnostic tool is equipped with 4’TFT backlit large screen, there are 2 cutouts in the back for your fingers so it’s really comfortable to hold with 2 hands and to use the buttons to navigate the menu. The entire housing of this tool is made out of strong rugged anti-slip rubber that sustains a fall without damage.
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: Works on over 45 vehicle makers, most from 1996 US-based, 2002 EU-based, 2005 Asian-based or newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Supports all OBDII protocols – KW2000, ISO9141, J1850VPW, J1850PWM and CAN.
  • Full ULL OBDII Diagnosis: Supports 10 OBD II test modes: read/clear codes, DTC look-up, view freeze frame data and I/M readiness monitor status, display live data stream and O2 sensor test data, on-board monitoring, EVAP system test, retrieve vehicle information. The vehicle diagnostic reports can be recorded, stored, played back.
  • Upgrade & Print: Supports lifetime free update and upgrade online. The update software is available on ANCEL official website. You can also print, save or delete the diagnostic report via the update tool on a PC (Make sure the “Record” function is on before diagnosis), so it’s convenient to check the problem via the report after diagnosing, save more time.
  • 4 System Diagnosis: Able to diagnose the 4 main systems of worldwide mainstream models: Engine, Transmission, SRS, and ABS. Reads/clears error codes and turns off the warning lights related, views data stream of 4 parameters in one graph. ONLY support vehicles from 2005 and newer for ABS/SRS/Transmission diagnosis
  • 5 Reset Service: Features 5 special reset capabilities: Oil Lamp Reset, EPB Release, SAS Calibration, ABS Reset and BMS Reset. Helps you diagnose and calibrate faults in your vehicles accurately and profitably when the warning light is on. It’s a must for mechanic and experienced enthusiast to scan and maintain vehicles.
  • Strong Vehicle Compatibility: Works on over 45 automobile makers, these cars sold in the U.S. after 1996, in Europe after 2002, and in Asia after 2005 have included an on-board diagnostic computer system that works with the OBDII standard. It also supports all OBDII protocols – KW2000, ISO9141, J1850VPW, J1850PWM and CAN.

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The ANCEL FX3000 Review from Bao Nguyen
4.3/ 5

This morning I made my first testing on my 2 cars ( a Mazda 626 2000 and an Isuzu Rodeo 1999 ) It worked really well and very easy testing and verifying the fault codes of both cars immediately. It took about 20 minutes to complete. It working effectively with very simple manual instruction book.

Why ANCEL FX3000 is a must-have diagnostic scan tool?
  • Works on most from 1996 US-based, 2002 EU-based, 2005 Asian-based or newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles.
  • Features 5 reset functions: Oil light reset, EPB reset, ABS reset, SAS reset, BMS reset.
  • Supports 4 main systems diagnosis: Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS(Airbag); reads and clears error codes, turns off the warning lights related and provides enhanced data stream, etc.
  • Designed with full 10 OBD II test models; graph, record, and replay data in full color.
  • Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes; built-in DTC library.
  • Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN, and CVN); advanced On-Board monitoring and EVAP system test.
  • Views freeze frame data and I/M readiness monitor status; displays live PCM data stream and O2 sensor test data.
  • Lifetime free upgrade and print online via PC.
ANCEL FX3000 4 System
  • Engine System: This scan tool helps you read fault codes and shows DTC definition to tell you what the problem is, and clear the error, turn off the MIL(Malfunction Indicator Light). Also, you can view live data stream, easily and fast find out the cause of engine system error before sending your vehicle to a repair shop, save time and money.
  • Transmission System: If the automatic transmission warning light is on, FX3000 code reader will access and communicate with the transmission to tell you the running status of the sensors, read the error, turn off the warning light and read the live data stream, so you’ll know what is wrong exactly with the transmission system.
  • Anti-lock Brake System(ABS): FX3000 has the ability to retrieve ABS fault codes and tell you what the problem is through a visual inspection of all brake components, and then clear the codes. It also allows you to monitor and diagnose the operating conditions of the ABS to ensure that the repairs are effective and complete.
  • Supplemental Restraint System(SRS): It’s a non-negligible signal that the SRS light is on, which means the safety system isn’t working at 100% and maybe the airbag is disabled. This scanner can check the errors and clear the codes, view real-time live data to monitor the SRS run status, and turn off the warning light.(CAN NOT reset the SRS module).
ANCEL FX3000 Special Functions
  • Steering Angle Sensor(SAS) Calibration: When the ESC (electronic stability control) light is on, it can diagnose and allow you to reset the SAS after an alignment is performed or parts in the steering system are replaced. The fault memory of the steering angle sensor will be cleared automatically once the SAS calibration completed.
  • Electric Parking Brake(EPB) Reset: FX3000 scan tool is used to release the rear electric parking brake unit when replacing rear pads or discs so that the caliper piston can be moved back. It can also clear codes and turn off the EPB light when the replacement is done.
  • Anti-lock Braking System(ABS) Reset/Auto Bleed: When the indicator light of the ABS is lit on your vehicle and needs to be reset, FX3000 can trace down the cause which triggered the indicator light of the anti-lock brakes, read and reset the codes. If it tells you what parts need to be replaced on the brakes, you can reset the brake indicator after replacing or repairing.
  • Battery Registration:FX3000 allows you to perform a reset on the vehicle battery for clearing the fault information to re-match the new battery into ECU once you replace the battery.
  • Oil Light Reset: This diagnostic tool performs reset for the Engine Oil Life system which calculates an optimal interval of the oil change on the base of the vehicle driving conditions and climate. You need to reset the engine oil life to 100% after oil change every-time.
  • Question: Does this perform reprogramming?
    Answer: No, this scan tool doesn’t perform reprogramming.
  • Question: Do Theas scanners work on diesel engines . And 1997 International 4700 7.3 diesel.
    Answer: No, it won’t support a 1997 International 4700 7.3 diesel.