Autel Diaglink OBDII OBD2 Code Reader Review 2021[Update]

Autel Diaglink(DIY version of MD802) is equipped with EPB system to provide safe replacement and recalibration of brake pads for modern vehicles, as well as the most convenient refueling reset function. Autel Diaglink car diagnostic tool can enform testing on the anti-lock brake control module (ABS), body electronics interface module (FDIM), Audio control module (ACM), and instrument panel control (IPC) using Autel Diaglink. Also, this car scan tool can read and define the DTCs and offer live data.

Autel Diaglink(DIY version of MD802) vs Autel MD806 vs BlueDriver Comparison Chart ( View table image ):
Product Autel Diaglink(DIY version of MD802) Autel MD806 BlueDriver
Customer Rating 4.1 / 5 4 / 5 4.8 / 5
Price Check Check Check
Product Dimensions 7.8″ x 4.1″ x 1.5″ 8.35 x 4.35 x 1.48 inches 2.2″ x 1.9″ x 1″
Item Weight 1.1lbs 1 pounds 2.08oz
Full OBDII Functions
Full system Diagnosis
Engine, ABS, Airbag Codes
Transmission Codes
Oil Reset
EPB Relearn
Vehicle Coverage One Make per Software Version Full
Bottom Line Autel Diaglink is for family or small garage who want to diagnose / repair specific vehicles. Highly recommend for Enthusiasts, DIYers, car owners and also professionals. Useful and well worth the money;
Highly recommend for DIYers and car owners.

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Autel Diaglink Review
4.1/ 5

This tool can really do it all for the price! It can read Engine, Transmission, Airbag, EPB, ABS, Chassis codes, Body codes, even more (I have a technician in my shop, he paid $1100 for his scanner and can’t even read body codes.)

Autel Diaglink(DIY version of MD802) Bullet Points
  • All system diagnosis: The scan tool capable of accessing every module within each vehicle system, it is the combination of All Systems access (Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS…and more), OBD2 Scanner, Oil Reset and EPB for the vehicle brand of the Users Choice.
  • Special Functions: This full system diagnostic tool provides capabilities for reading and clearing EPB/SBC trouble codes, resetting oil service mileage etc. to fix the problems involved for better user experience.
  • Breakthrough diagnostic tool: The Autel diaglink OBDII EOBD scanner is customized version of MD802 full systems. You need to select and download vehicle software by yourself before using. You can free get one vehicle make software as your choice at the first time and purchase other vehicle software by paying Usd10 for each vehicle .Wide codes diagnosis: reads and clears all systems (EPB/SBC, ABS, SRS, engine…) trouble codes, turns off the ECU and brake warning Light, set brake pad Thickness and open/close brake calipers, oil/inspection/service light reset
  • Complete OBDII functions: Autel Diaglink supports all 10 OBD2 modes: Read DTCs, Reset DTCs, View Live Data, View Freeze Frame Information, O2 Sensor Test, On-board Monitoring Test, Component Test, and Vehicle Information.This OBD2 code reader fully provides engine-related information and easy operation to monitor the state of the engine, help you to turn off the check engine light, and pass smog test easily.
  • Warranty & Update:12-month guarantee and FREE lifetime software update. The autel scanner compatible with Windows PC only. You can choose to connect DiagLink to your PC via USB cable or use card reader/adapter to load the SD card to update your device.
Special Features
  • Reads live data stream and freeze frame, Resets the brake pad thickness required for Audi A8 service, Resets oil service mileage,
  • Supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs,including Read Codes, Erase Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame,I/M Readiness, O2 Mon.Test, On-Board Mon.Test, Component Test and Vehicle Information,
  • Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality, Multi-brand applications, Opens and closes the brake pads, Turns off the ECU and brake warning light, Reads and clears trouble codes on all systems ( including engine, transmission, ABS, airbag and so on )
All Systems Diagnosis
Autel Diaglink, created for comprehensive and accurate automotive diagnostics. It quickly scans all the vehicle modules, performs deep diagnosis on all the electronic systems, and provides the right diagnostic codes for:

  • Engine: controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance.
  • SRS: reduces injuries between the flailing occupant and the interior of the vehicle.
  • ABS: prevents the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface and allowing the driver to maintain more control over the vehicle.
  • Transmission: provides controlled application of the power
  • TPMS: monitors the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles.
Commonly-Used Special Functions
Autel Diaglink code reader offers 2 service functions to provide you with cost-efficient solutions for:

  • Oil Reset: Give you the ability to turn off the oil light on your dash and reset the mileage or driving time after the oil change.
  • EPB Reset: read and clear the EPB trouble codes; turn off the ECU and brake warning light; have the operation of brake cable replacement and electric parking brake replacement; reset the brake pad after replacement to avoid continuous alarm.
10 Test Modes——An Easy-to-use OBDII Scanner
  • Autel Diaglink supports all OBDII functions including reading/clearing codes, live data, I/M readiness, O2 sensor, freeze frame data, on-board monitor, vehicle information, etc.
  • Accessing to the OBDII diagnostic menu, you can read codes to check if there are any stored codes or pending codes, and you can erase codes if you do have a trouble code, thus turn off the check engine light. Reading live data will help you get a list of all the different pits that is getting data on the vehicle. You can display 2 graphs simultaneously on one screen by selecting multiple PIDs and selecting the Two Graphic mode. You can also merge the 2 graphs together to compare the 2 related parameters.
  • Multi-brand applications
  • Opens and closes the brake pad
  • Reads and clears EPB/SBC trouble codes
  • Turns off the ECU and brake warning light
  • Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality
  • Resets the brake pad thickness required for Audi A8 service
  • Resets oil service mileage
  • Supports oil service maintenance
  • Complete OBDII/EOBD coverage
  • Easy to use with step-by-step on-screen instructions
  • Increases efficiency and ensures workplace safety
  • TFT color screen, user friendly, simple and easy to use
  • SD memory card for data backup and software update
  • Applications: Citroen, Peugeot, BMW, Renault, Ford, VW/Audi, Opel, Toyota, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM, Daewoo, Benz, Sprinter, Smart, Chrysler, Volvo, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Saab
  • Display: 2.8” TFT color display (320 x 240)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
  • External Power:12.0 V to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 198.5 mm (7.81”) x 103.8 mm (4.09”) x 37.5 mm (1.48”)
  • Weight: 0.28 kg (w/o main cable) 0.435 kg (with main cable)
  • Question: Can i use this device to test the oil light? and what is the difference between this and autel al619?
    Answer: Hello, Dear friend,
    Thanks for your inquiry. This is a new version of Autel product. This device is specially made for DIYers and mechs, which can diagnose single brand vehicle of all models with full diagnostic functions.
    So, definetely, it can test oil light. and as the difference between AL619. It means you spend less money and you got a multi-functional devices. and diaglink has more functions. At the mean time, if you want to test different car brands. You can contact us at any time.
    Best Wishes!
  • Question: I purchased one vehicle software from autel website, but it doesn’t show in pc suite for downloading? how and what to do?
    Answer: Hi, Here is the steps: Once you purchased vehicle software from Autel website, you need to re-login PC suite again, so the downloading list can be synchronized with Autel database. After that, you will see the vehicle listed for downloading in PC suite.
Some videos help you better understand Autel Diaglink Scanner
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