Autel MaxiVideo MV105 – Must-Have Inspection Camera for Mechanics

Need to see into tricky-to-reach places? The inspection camera Autel MaxiVideo MV105 will help you to look round corners!

This is a must-have accessory for mechanics and car enthusiasts – allow them to see parts of an engine without having to take it apart.

So What Is An Inspection Camera?

Simply put, this is the device for viewing into hard to reach places.

An inspection camera comprises a small camera on the end of flexible pipe with a handset and screen that allows you to see into hard to reach places and to locate problems and issues much faster and easier than you would without the camera.

What Can You Do with an Inspection Camera?

Below you can find some reasons why a car inspection camera or borescope is a good device to have in toolbox or automotive inspection kit:

  • To check for damage or wear in an engine without having to take it apart – Being able to check the internal components and hard-to-see areas of your engine for wear or damage without taking the whole thing apart is not only a massive time saver but it can save you money. If you can diagnose a problem before disassembling your engine it will speed up the repair process.
  • To look for issues in other areas of a vehicle – A car inspection camera is not only a great tool for checking your engine, but it is also useful for inspecting other areas of your vehicle. For example, you can use one of these devices to check the underside of your vehicle for rust, damage or worn components without have to lift the car up.
  • For used car inspections – If you are going to look at a used car it is a good idea to take a device such as a car borescope or endoscope to the inspection. This way you can view areas of the car that are normally hidden, and you may spot something that may cause serious expense and trouble if you purchase the vehicle.
  • For other tasks around the house – An automotive inspection camera is not only great for checking hard-to-see areas of your vehicle, but it is also a useful tool for other jobs around the house. Have a blocked pipe? You can use one of these tools to see what is causing the blockage and where it is.
  • It can save you money – If you can find out what an issue is without having to take everything apart it can save you a lot of money.
The Reasons Why You Need Autel MV105
Autel MaxiVideo MV105, Car Inspection Digital Camera Waterproof
Autel MaxiVideo MV105, Car Inspection Digital Camera Waterproof
4.6 / 5

Specially designed for work with Autel MaxiSys series tablet tools or PC through USB connection and detect vehicle difficult-to-reach areas that are normally hidden from view.
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  • Key Features
    -White LED lights to illuminate the inspection areas.
    -Small diameter allows it to be used in the tight spaces.
    -Wonderful for up-close visual inspections in confined areas, such as engine cylinders and small part inspections.
    -Powerful and perfect for inspecting most spark plug holes.
    -Super bright LED and high resolution provide crystal clear images.
  • What It Can Do – Autel MaxiVideo Inspection Endoscope MV105 can access the desired point of difficult-to-reach car interiors, such as low-light, dark, damp or wet areas, etc. to visualize the images in real time on a screen (paired with Autel diagnostic tablet) for fast, reliable and precise diagnostics. The Video Scope also plays a positive role in car engine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Work Easier & Safer – Being flexible enough and digitally efficient, the Inspection Endoscope Autel MV105 helps you have clear video inspections to detect possible anomalies of the tightest and darkest in a vehicle, greatly reducing the repair time and costs, also to avoid unnecessary damage caused by repeated disassembly of the parts.
  • Reliable Quality – Pick this affordable and reliable Video Scope MV105 to enjoy easier ever inspection work around the vehicle: 0.95cm to 30cm (0.37” to 11.81”) cable long and flexible enough to stay in position perfectly / Super clear camera (320*240 5.5mm imager) surrounded by bright LED lights providing crystal clear images / 3 practical head accessories (Magnet, Hook, Mirror) aim to deal with any unexpected and tricky events.
  • Autel MaxiSys Compatible – MaxiVideo MV105 has that high-quality, ergonomic feel that you’ll get with all Autel premium products. It works by connecting with most of the professional-level diagnostic tablets including: MaxiSys Elite, MK908(P), MS908(P), MS908S, MS908S Pro, MK906BT, MS906BT, MS906TS, and CV to get the optical image evaluation, detection, and diagnosis.
  • Useful accessories
    Magnet – picks up small metal objects, such as dropped rings or screws
    Mirror – helps to look around corners and see the unreachable areas
    Hook – unclogs obstacles and picks up wires in the pipes or confined areas
  • Product Specifications:
    -Optimal Viewing Distance: 3/8” to 12” (0.95cm to 30cm)
    -Image Capture: 320*240
    -Image Head: 0.22” (5.5mm)
    -Waterproof: Imager head and cable to 3ft. (1m)

How to Use Autel MV105

  • 1.Connect the Removable Imager Head Cable to the Handgrip. Make sure the key and slot are properly aligned. Once they are aligned, finger-tighten the knurled knob to hold the connection firmly in place.
  • 2.Power up the MaxiSys Tablet, and select the “Digital Inspection” application on the Job Menu.
  • 3.Connect the MaxiVideo inspection camera to the MaxiSys Tablet with the USB connection, and you can start performing digital inspections with it.
What Other Things Can You Do with MV105?

Autel MV105 can be also used under floors, within walls and cavities, in ceilings, roof voids, in drains, pipes and flues, even chimneys, gutters and vents and all types of machinery and vehicles. Not all cameras will perform well in these situations; there are many factors that affect the quality of an inspection camera.

  • Applications include:
  • Locate cables, pipes, valves and similar
  • Locate the source of leaks
  • Find blockages, damage and corrosion
  • Find broken parts
  • Inspect machinery and manufactured goods
  • Find missing items
  • Locate pests
  • Show customers and colleagues issues found
  • Hundreds of uses in industry
  • Many uses around the home
Final Words

Whether you are looking to do a pre-purchase inspection on a potential new car purchase, or whether you are wanting to do maintenance and repairs on an existing vehicle, having this Autel MV105, an inspection camera or borescope will make life so much easier for many different tasks.