Best Autel TS408 TPMS Programming Tool Reviews 2020 [Update]

The Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 is a new cutting-edge TPMS scan tool, which can activate most of known TPMS sensors, read sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery condition. Moreover, it can also program AUTEL MX-sensors and provide on-tool relearn procedure. With big color display screen, quick scan speed and up-to-date software update, the TS408 is truly an excellent tool for technicians, DIYers, enthusiasts.

Autel TPMS Programming Tool Comparison Chart: Autel TS608 vs MS906TS vs TS601 vs TS508 vs TS501 vs TS408 vs TS401 vs TPMS PAD
Let’s look at the features and functionalities of these Autel TPMS scanners( View table image ):
TPMS Comparison TS608 MS906TS TS601 TS508 TS501 TS408 TS401 TPMS PAD
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TPMS function
Quick Mode & Advance Mode
Activate TPMS sensors
Read sensor data
TPMS diagnose, one step for complete TPMS health check
Read/clear TPMS DTCs; on-screen DTC description
Scan TPMS sensor ID and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Manual input OE ID into MX-sensor
Program MX-Sensor by auto creating sensor ID
Read Sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Relearn by OBD function
Relearn procedure guide on the tool
Check Key FOB
Read TPMS live data
Tire Type/Pressure selection
Other TPMS special functions
TPMS Toolkit (other function)
Diagnostic function
Basic OBDII code reader
Read/clear codes for all electronic systems
Support all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBDII test specs
Enhanced OBDII Mode 6
Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review
Relearn parking brake pad after replacement;
Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS);
Reset service mileage and service intervals;
Forced regeneration and adjusting injectors;
Support battery registration and reset
Support IMMO functions
Complete diagnostic function
Tool features
Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
Strong housing with protective rubber boot
Print TPMS sensor data via PC
Internet updatable WIFI WIFI SD card USB SD card USB USB USB
Multilingual support
Historical test records
Software Update 1 year free 1 year free free free free free free free
Limited one year warranty

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Tool Reviews:

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Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 TPMS Tool
4.1/ 5

A new cutting-edge TPMS scan tool, which can activate most of known TPMS sensors, read sensor ID, pressure, temperature, and battery condition for technicians, DIYers, enthusiasts.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 Features
  • Activate TPMS Sensors: This function is important. Any TPMS sensor-related issues will be detected. This tool can activate 98% of all known sensors. It’s easy to use for someone who doesn’t need so much professional knowledge. This means you can do it yourself and will be able to save a lot of time and money instead of sending your car to an auto shop.
  • Read Sensor ID: It can read sensor ID to display exactly which particular tire out of the four is causing issues. It’s a very helpful feature to help you identify the problematic tire without struggling.
  • Tire Pressure: You can see tire pressure with this tool. It will allow you to know if the tires are: Properly inflated / Underinflated / Overinflated
  • On-Tool Relearn Procedure: The tool shows step-by-step instructions on the screen, making it easier to perform relearn on Asian, US, or European vehicles. However, it won’t perform a relearn procedure itself.
  • Easy To Use: It has an informative graphical interface that is super easy to navigate. The menus are categorized for sensor programming, relearn procedures, activate sensors, and so on.
  • Warranty: It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Update:life-time free update.

Program MX-Sensors To Replace OE Sensors: Autel TS408 allows you to program and replace the Autel sensors in three ways:

  • Auto Create 1-16: This method requires the user to know all the information about the vehicle make, model, and year. After inputting the information correctly, further instructions to program the sensor will be displayed on the screen. Up to 16 sensors are supported to programmed at the same time, I’ve tried this, indeed very fast.
  • Copy By Activation: This method works by copying existing sensor details to an installed new sensor, no need to learn tire pressure if installed in the same position.
  • Copy By Manual Input: It means inputting the ID manually into the sensor. You can find the ID printed on the original sensor.
Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 Compatibility

Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 works on most of all TPMS-supported vehicles. These include Acura, Alfa, Romeo, Aston, Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet Chrysler, CMC, DFM, Dodge, FAW, and many more.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Store 5 TPMS sensor records for future reviewing Can’t read or erase TPMS codes
Receives both 315MHz and 433MHz signals Doesn’t connect to the OBD2 port
Activates most kinds of sensors (magnetic, frequency, tire deflated, etc) Doesn’t relearn by OBD function
Shuts off automatically for power saving
Comes with one big lithium-polymer battery
Who is Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 TPMS Tool suitable for?

Autel TS408 is for technicians, DIYers, enthusiasts who want to diagnose and keep the TPMS system of their vehicles in good condition. It’s a great help and can save you a lot of money and time, rather than going to a dealership or an automotive repair shop whenever come across tire pressure malfunction.

  • Q: Does this work with a 2012 nissan maxima?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Does this work to reset tpms on a 2007 Nissan 350Z?
  • A: Yes.
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