Best Review Actron CP9125 C Scanner 2021 [Update]

If your requirements are small and cheap, the CP9125 PocketScan is worth having. It is small and portable yet has full functions, reading and clearing basic trouble codes, checking engine lights pop up in the vehicle. Reliable, powerful and easy to use, the CP9125 is a practical and cost effective product that will get you the results you need and is a popular choice for car owners, DIY enthusiasts and machinists of all experience levels. In addition to covering all the basic features, in terms of compatibility, it can diagnose the fault codes of most 1996 on-board computers and newer vehicles, but more on that later.

Actron CP9125 C Bullet Points
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs, the cp9125 pocket scan tool has an error database of over 5000 codes which makes it suitable for use with a range of vehicle models. You’ll also be able to use this pocketscan with 1994-1995 OBD II compliant vehicles. This versatility sets the cp9125 apart from other scanners which are limited to specifically 12v cars. As this tool can be updated, it offers compatibility with future vehicles too.
  • Software Updates: Beneficial for those of you looking for a pocketscan code reader that boasts longevity, you’ll be able to keep the software up to date so that even the latest vehicles can be diagnosed. You’ll simply need to connect the cp9125 to your computer, visit Actron’s website, and select the required software updates.
  • Displays Emission Status: Providing more than just scanning codes, the Actron cp9125 pocket code reader sets itself apart from other budget pocket scan tools as it’s capable of showing emission status. With this scan tool, you’ll be able to self-test the vehicle’s emission control systems in order to check their performance. Ensuring that your emissions control system has passed the test is a straightforward process thanks to how easy to use the cp9125 c pocketscan is. If you use your OBD II scanner and no error codes have been displayed, it means that the vehicle is running clean and is compliant in terms of its emissions status.
  • Reliable Scan Tool: Compact in design and small in size, this is a reliable scan tool from Actron, one of the industry leaders in diagnostic gadgets. This code reader is built out of high-quality, durable materials. Featuring two navigation buttons for reading and erasing trouble codes, this is an exceptionally easy-to-use tool. For a low price, this device is capable of performing both basic and specific functions, helping the user to quickly diagnose and turn off the vehicle’s Check Engine light.
  • Design: Designed to be compact and portable, this device measures 10.3 x 6.3 x 2.3 inches, making it longer in length than many of its competitors that are situated within the same price range. It will fit nicely in the palm of your hand and, weighing in at just 2.3 lbs, this scanner is noticeably lightweight. Constructed to withstand enduring use, this code reader has a hard orange plastic casing created to be drop resistant on even the hardest of garage floors.
  • Reads and Erases Codes: Reading and erasing trouble codes, the primary function of this scan tool, is quick and easy to do. The Actron cp9125 c reads engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and provides the codes on-screen so that you can determine the cause of your Check Engine light.

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Actron CP9125 C Review
4.7/ 5

Good product told me the exact problem. It was crank shaft sensor !!! The delevery was fast to. Order one to if your check engine is on.

Top Reasons to Choose Actron CP9125 C
  • Coverage: Suitable for use with all 1996 and newer cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs sold in the United States.This particular code reader will also work with 1994-1995 vehicles that are equipped with an OBD II port.
  • Special Function: the cp9125 c pocketscan has a range of impressive features to help you read and erase error codes, while also displaying emission status.
  • Compatibility: Whether you’re a regular car owner or an experienced mechanic, you’re likely to want a pocket scan tool that is compatible with a variety of vehicles.
  • Capable of reading and erasing trouble codes on 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD II and Controller Area Network vehicles, the Actron cp9125 c code reader is a highly versatile option. Its wider coding capacity which spans across both manufacture and generic codes, means that, from Nissan to Toyota, you’ll be able to use this Actron cp9125 c pocketscan with a whole range of car models.
  • : The CP9125 can easily fit in your pocket, literally.
  • Cheap: Without any extra features, the CP9125 won’t break the bank.
  • Check Engine Light: Gives the user the ability to quickly determine the cause of a Check Engine light coming on – once repairs are made, PocketScan allows the user to clear the DTCs and turn off the Check Engine Light.
  • ERASE Key: Used to Erase Trouble Codes and I/M.Monitor status from Vehicle’s Computer Modules and scroll up through screens. (I/M Monitors are currently used for state emissions tests.)
Actron CP9125 Features
  • Read Codes: Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes allows the PocketScanTM. Code Reader to read the codes from the vehicle’s computer modules.
  • Erasing Trouble Codes and Data: Erasing allows the PocketScanTM Code Reader to delete the codes and I/M Monitor status from the vehicle’s computer modules.
  • MIL Conditions: MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) Status displays the state of the vehicles computer module(s).
  • Inspection / Maintenance Monitors (I/M Monitors): The I/M Monitors (Inspection / Maintenance) function displays a SNAPSHOT of the operations for the Emission System.
Actron CP9125: Advantages VS Disadvantages


Pros Cons
The compact design makes this scan tool very easy to handle and store in your pocket. Doesn’t provide on-screen error definitions.
Compatible with a wide range of OBD II vehicles. Requires a wired connection for software updates (USB cable is included with purchase).
Created to be easy to use and designed without any overly-advanced navigation buttons.
Allows users to update the software, increasing the longevity of this tool.
The Actron cp9125 c comes with a limited one year warranty.
  • Question: Can you clear codes on a Subaru Imprezza 2006
    Answer: As long as it has an obd II port, I’m assuming it would. It will clear the codes. But if the error is still present then the codes will come right back.
  • Question: Will this work on a 98′ BMW m3?
    Answer: Yes, the CP9125 works with all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.