Best Review BAFX Products BAFX1278 Wireless WiFi OBD2 Scanner 2021[Update]

The BAFX Products BAFX1278 WiFi version is recommended for iOS devices only and can also be used with Android or Windows. BAFX1278 is suitable for all 1996 or later models of consumer vehicles located in the United States. Compared to other competitors, the BAFX product adapters have longer life, more stable connections, faster data rates and work more smoothly. It can also help you quickly understand the cause of the car’s engine lights and get rid of the warning lights.

The BAFX Products BAFX1278 Bullet Points
  • Reliable and Consistent for J1850, CAN & ALL OBDII Protocols: It’s no secret that many diagnostic car scanners on the market aren’t very dependable.
  • New: The BAFX products OBD reader, WiFi version, for use with iOS (Apple) devices! If you have Android or Windows devices we still recommend our Bluetooth version. Now all Apple users can enjoy the same great benefits of our OBD reader with the WiFi version for iOS! Please note, when using our WiFi OBD reader you cannot also obtain internet through WiFi at the same time.
  • Either they only work on a limited number of car models, don’t pick up on important issues, or simply suffer from bad connectivity which makes them inconsistent and difficult to use. BAFX1278 is reliably compatible with J1850 & CAN protocols (including all others too), every time.
  • Easy: Super easy iOS setup instructions included along with links to simple to follow setup videos for both iOS & Android! You will need to purchase a 3rd party app to use the OBD reader with. These apps range in price from $10-$50 depending on your needs. Please contact BAFX Products for a list of recommended apps.
  • Cheap: It is highly recommended to avoid the high cost of having a mechanic come to your home or tow truck to fix what you can fix, which is much cheaper than home or office or breakdown costs.
  • Read & Clear: Read & clear your vehicles “Check Engine Light” easily and quickly to determine the problem with your vehicle and get it fixed. No more trips to the dealer or auto parts store for diagnosis! Please note, it cannot read or clear ABS/SRS/TPMS/VSC or any other non-OBD2 related lights.
  • Vehicle Coverage: Works on US-Sold Model Years After 1996: While most competitor’s products only work on a limited selection of vehicles, this device works across a broader range of protocols. All models sold in the USA model year 1996 and after.
  • Mobile App for Live Graphs: Connect to your mobile and see live data and mapping. For iOS: Make sure to get the WiFi BAFX ODB Reader. Download the ODB Fusion (or any other) app in the Apple App Store. For Android & Windows: Make sure to get the Bluetooth BAFX ODB Reader. Download the Torque Pro (or any other) app in the Google Play Store.
  • Works: Works with ALL consumer vehicles purchased in the USA that are model year 1996 or newer, we GUARANTEE it! Unlike other brands who may or may not work with J1850 or CAN vehicles. If your vehicle was not purchased in the USA, please contact BAFX Products with where the vehicle was purchased so they can help determine compatibility for you.
  • Customer Support: Customer service will do their best to help customers solve problems, listen to users’ suggestions to update the product, customer support is done well, the product works well.
  • Rapid Diagnosis: after connecting the vehicle, the problem can be identified quickly and the diagnosis results can be informed.

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4.4/ 5

Works great for IOS. Used it on my 2017 Chevy Camaro SS, it read and I was able to clear the codes, I had a CEL. I purchased OBD Fusion for $9.99, the app that is needed to use this Bluetooth adapter. Once plugged into the OBDII port in the car, make sure to either start your car or turn it into acc mode. Select the adapter from your list of WIFI and after that it’s all very quick.

The BAFX Products BAFX1278 Features
  • Warranty: Provides 2-year manufacturer warranty, for all manufacturing defects, warranty process for pressure and fast, very simple and easy.
  • Freeze Frame: Vehicle snapshot when a code is stored
  • Real Time Data: Watch real time sensor information from the vehicle,
  • Smog Check: See if the vehicle is ready for a smog test,
  • Read CEL Codes<: Confirmed, Pending, and Permanent for all makes
  • Quickly Diagnose and Analyze Car Problems: Warning lights flashing up like an airport runway? Tear your eyes from that depressing dashboard and connect your BAFX Products Diagnostic Car Scanner & Reader Tool. See what the issue with your car is within moments, & graph data in real time on your mobile phone.
    1.Read and clear your ‘Check Engine’ light
    2.Identify those annoying car troubles before they become serious
    3.Get readings on your emissions to ensure you’ll pass your smog / emissions test
    4.Check you air/fuel ratio
    5.Confirm your O2 sensors readings
    6.Even track the sensor reading on a map to see where you were when things went wrong!
The BAFX Products BAFX1278: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Customer Service Does not clear Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Airbag, or Charging Test Battery/Alternator.
Easy to use
Cheap and quick
The BAFX Products BAFX1278 Information
  • Brand : Bafx Products
  • Unspsc Code : 25170000
  • Item Model Number : BAFX1278
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Mirror Adjustment : Power
  • Cover Included : 1
  • Voltage : 12 volts
  • Question: what elm327 version does this support?
    Answer: That’s not how support works. This emulates an older version of the ELM327 chipset and what needs support is the app you use to connect to it. You will have to look that up on a per-app basis. It is known to work with Torque and Forscan. If you have another app in mind then you should ask in that app’s developer’s web forum whether it works with “generic” ELM327 devices and are there any limitation. This is not a “generic” device per se, but AFAIK, not the licensed ELM327 chipset which would be conveyed if you wrote “generic” in the developer’s forum or of course mention this product specifically because it is now about the most popular consumer oriented scan tool on the internet.
  • Question: Will it work for my 2008 Toyota Tacoma?
    Answer: If your Toyoto has an OBDII port I believe it should. After I lost my BAFX obd2 scanner I bought a cheaper OBD2 scanner for iPhone works pretty well, I bought that one with 20% off discount, promo code is 8FH2YKVK.
Some videos help you better understand Bafx Products BAFX1278
1. BAFX Products iOS Setup Video for WiFi OBD Reader