Best Review KOBRA OBD2 WIFI Car diagnostic tool 2021[Update]

The KOBRA ELM327 OBD scanner has all the features of an expensive hand-held scanner, which means it’s the king of value for money! It diagnoses quickly and turns your car into a smart car in just a few seconds. It also has a database of more than 3,000 common code definitions that can read common and manufacture-specific fault codes for most U.S. vehicles. It connects to any device on iOS, Android or Windows, including free and paid app updates for any ELM327 app that requires a WiFi OBD2 adapter.

KOBRA OBD2 Scanner Bullet Points
  • Connects to any IOS, Android and Windows Device VIA WI-FI: Unlike other Bluetooth OBD Scanners available on Amazon, this amazing car code reader OBD scanner can connect to any device including Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. You just need a Wi-Fi connection and you can diagnose any car problem and unlock massive amounts of data on your car’s performance in real time!
  • Extensive Database: The scanner offers 3000 code definitions to help you understand what a problem is. You will not have to waste hours Googling codes to find an explanation.
  • Various Free and Paid APPS Available: Supports OBD Fusion, Dash Command, OBD Car Doctor, etc for iOS and Torque Pro for Android, OBD Auto Doctor for Windows as well as many other ELM327 Apps that require a WiFi OBD2 adapter. Do not worry about compatibility. The KOBRA OBD2 wireless car code reader works with all 1996 to 2018 cars and small trucks in the United States
  • Easy to Understand: This elm327 scanner boasts a database that includes over 3000 generic code definitions and can read generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes for most USA vehicles.
  • Upgraded Version: Thanks to user feedback we have released the new version of the WIFI OBD2 Scanner and Check Engine Code Reader. Upgrades include improved WIFI signal range, enhanced app compatibility, upgraded components, and NO CD. Don’t be fooled by other brands who sell cheaply made obd2 elm327 scanners. Our OBD Diagnostic scanner and Check Engine Light Eliminator is made with top quality materials for optimal performance and durability.
  • Less Time Consuming: It can take up to 15 seconds for Bluetooth signal to show. If the App you are using still doesn’t detect the connection then If signal DOES NOT show, then turn OFF Bluetooth in settings, wait 5 sec, and turn Bluetooth ON again and force quit the app and launch it again.
  • Accurate Results: Remove all check engine lights instantly! Transform your car into a Smart Car with this car diagnostic tool by KOBRA. With a database of over 3000 code definitions, this premium WIFI OBD2 Scanner reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and diagnoses your car like a pro.
  • Simple and Fast Operation: Simply plug the elm327 odd scanner Into the diagnostic link connector, connect it to your WIFI device and follow the code reading procedure to diagnose any existing problem. Diagnose your car in seconds with the best odd ii scanner currently available on and turn your car into a smart car!
  • Compatible with all Androids and Windows Devices: you are free to perform diagnostics checks in your car, using one of your prized tech gadgets, be it your cell phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or ANY other compatible Android/Windows device.
  • CEL: Kobra obd2 WIFI will let you diagnose check engine light codes and display the code definition as well. It will let you find and fix the problem and once you do, you can reset engine light.

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KOBRA OBD2 Scanner Review
3.9/ 5

This scanner was Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth so it is compatible with all nice phones. Very easy to connect first and then start app. Get a good app and the combo is great because it has more features than a very good hand held scanner and it logs so many things. So inexpensive every car needs them in the glove box.

Top Reasons to Choose KOBRA OBD2 Scanner
  • Support More Third Party Apps iOS/Android/Windows: Easy to install on Apps Store and Play Store, some free apps you can use, but it’s limited more functions. You need purchase the pro version.
  • Fast Data Transfer Sensor: Kobra adapter is faster transfer vehicle data to your phone via wifi. The same real time data from your car.
  • Read and Clear Trouble Codes: It is read OBD2 trouble code works with all 1996 to 2018 cars and small trucks in the United States.
  • Diverse Compatibility: The KOBRA OBD2 car diagnostic code reader works with all 1996 – 2016 vehicles and seamlessly works with the OBD Fusion, Dash Command, Torque app, OBD Link, Scan Master Lite, OBD Car Doctor and many more totally free or paid apps on the Apple Store, Google Play Store And Windows Phone Store to turn your car into a truly Smart Car!
  • 100% Risk Free Purchase: Providing you with the friendliest customer service is our primary goal. This is why we offer you a 1 year money back guarantee in case this auto diagnostic scanner does not live up to your expectations, no questions asked!
  • Check Engine Light Eliminator: This ELM327 WIFI Scanner and Car Scan Tool retrieves both generic, as well as car manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), helping you overcome any troubleshooting with ease. You will be able to clear the “Check Engine” light indication and other trouble codes, effortlessly!
  • Diagnose In Seconds: Don’t be taken advantage of again! Know what is wrong with your car before taking it to a mechanic. Unlike other car code readers, our WIFI obd2 scan tool connects to multiple devices including iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. All you need is a WIFI connection and you can diagnose any car problem in seconds!
  • The Most Effective OBD Scanner and Car Code Reader You Have ever Tried: Diagnose Your Car – Like a Pro and instantly transform your car into a Smart Car! KOBRA has created a top quality auto diagnostic scanner. This OBD2 Scanner can read generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and its database includes over 3000 code definitions.
KOBRA OBD2 Scanner: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
1-year money back guarantee. Not battery saver mode.
Supports all major operating systems. Not Application List for car models: Need to chat a question to Kobra on Amazon with your car.
Lightweight and compact (doesn’t take up much space). Big size.
Connects very easily. Not support SW-CAN (GM) and MS-CAN (Ford).
Cheap price.
Advanced Troubleshooting

For some older devices with outdated firmware sometimes this is the sequence needed to connect the device:

  • Leave your vehicle’s ignition in the off position. Plug the Kobra™ OBD Scanner into vehicle’s OBD2 port.
  • Turn your vehicle’s ignition to the ON position. On your device, go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi”. Turn on your Wifi and Connect to the Wi-Fi signal named “WiFi_OBDII”. Please Note: it may take up to a minute to detect.
  • Once connected to that Wi-Fi network, click the small blue arrow to go to the advanced settings for it. Set the IP Address to Static. Configure the IP address to and the Subnet Mask to and Router Leave gateway and DNS blank. Then, go back and exit the settings.
  • Start your car. In your App, configure the connection to use a custom TCP connection with IP and TCP Port 35000.
  • Question: If someone cleared the codes/check engine light, can i hook this up and see if they did?
    Answer: If you have an android, You can download an app called Torque Pro. It’ll tell you how many miles ago the codes were cleared. You can add custom PIDs to show and there are many preset ones to select.(this is one of them) I took it to look at a truck and they literally cleared the codes less than 2 miles before i hooked my scanner up.
  • Question: Do I really have to either jailbreak my iphone, or pay $10 to use the dash command app that is supposed to come with this?
    Answer: Trust me your gonna want to spend the 10 bucks for dash command the app is bad ass and well worth it. You get all the extra features that no other app has and you can download any dashboard from any car. Dash-command has the most used info about your car than any other app out there