Best Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners Reviews 2020 [Update]

Thinkcar 1s OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth

While there are various types of OBD2 scanners, Bluetooth wireless scanners are getting more and more popular among DIY users. With Bluetooth devices, it gets even easier as you can now use your smartphones as diagnostic scanners. Using apps communicating to a Bluetooth connector plugged into your car’s OBD2 port, the interface of the diagnostic tool would be even more beautiful and friendly.

Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
4/ 5

Thinkcar 1s OBD2 bluetooth scanner is a full systems scan tool for iOS & Android system smartphones. It not only works as a check engine light code reader but also supports real time remote diagnosis, which is a perfect choice for DIY users.

Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth Features
  • Real Time Remote Diagnosis: You’re able to get help with “Full System’s Data Steam”, “Active Test”, and “Practical Service Functions” from professionals by their running real-time remote diagnostics (on ThinkCar website) via PC or smart devices.
  • Black Box: Thinkcar 1s provides LIFETIME FREE Black Box function, which will automatically record/save the OBD data stream graphically. Users can stop recording any time, and go back to look into car conditions.
  • User Community: Thinkcar users can share their experiences, diagnosis, test reports, send messages to each other and get advice or tips in their user community.
Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth Functions
  • Full System Diagnosis: Thinkcar 1s bluetooth obd2 scanner retrieves ECU information of full systems (ECM, TCM, PCM, ABS, SRS, EPS, BCM, TPMS etc. ), to read/erase codes, view live data, and generate detailed diagnostic reports.
  • Full OBDII Functions: It also supports full obdii functions, such as read engine diagnostic trouble codes, reset check engine light, and check if your vehicle is ready for SMOG inspection./li>
Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth Compatibility

Thinkcar 1s bluetooth obd2 scanner will work on vehicles which support OBD II standards after 2005, but it doesn’t work on vehicles which support J1850 protocol. You can check the Model Coverage on mythinkcar website.

Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Real Time Remote Diagnosis Only support cars after 2005
Black Box Doesn’t support cars that support J1850 protocol
User Community
Who is Thinkcar 1s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners suitable for?

It’s a perfect choice for DIY guys. With this scanner, you can explore much deeper and get more information than you can get from other scanners with same price. Meanwhile, real time diagnosis can be really helpful.

  • Question: I need to any additional cost for using this tool?
  • Answer: Dear friend,
    1. If you already have a Thinkcar 1S bluetooth obd2 scanner, you can use the OBD Diagnostics without restrictions, and you can use it on multiple cars without paying.
    2. The Real Time Remote Diagnostics and Full Vehicle Modules Scan: Thinkcar 1S provides ONE YEAR FREE trial for one VIN. For each additional car or to renew your current offer the price is $9.95 per year.
    3. Black box function: LIFETIME FREE
  • Question: This little obd2 scanner can scan all vehicle modules? Does it clear codes?
  • Answer: Yes Thinkcar 1s obd2 scanner can do that. This is a fully functional and portable professional vehicle diagnostic scan tool, compatible with both Android and iOS smart phones. It featured with full OBDII functions, full vehicle modules health scan, real time remote diagnostic, black box (OBD data recording) and more for 23 vehicle brands.
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