Best TOPDON ITC 629 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews 2020 [Update]

An infra-red thermal camera is essential mechanic, engineering and architecture work. It helps us explore our world in a whole different way. Beyond the visible spectrum, there is an unseen world of heat radiation. Now anyone can access this world with a thermal imager.
TOPDON ITC 629 is a powerful thermal imager with a temperature range from -4°F(-20℃) to 842°F (450℃), 0.07°C Sensitivity and 220160 Resolution.

TOPDON ITC 629 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews:

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IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera ITC629 TOPDON
4.7 / 5

IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera ITC629 TOPDON Thermal Imager -4°F(-20℃) to 842°F (450℃) Range 0.07°C Sensitivity 220×160 Resolution 9Hz Refresh Rate 3.2″ Color Display Screen Battery Included

TOPDON ITC 629 Features:
  • Top-Notch thermal imaging – TOPDON ITC629 thermal imaging camera produces high-quality image: 220*160 Thermal Resolution with -4°F(-20℃) to 842°F (450℃) Temperature Range and stunning 0.07°C Thermal Sensitivity, to capture all the subtle temperatures in the objects or scenes you typically encounter, which is only found in thermal cameras costing over $1,000.
  • Various Utilizations – The thermal imaging camera serves various real-life applications e.g. electrical inspection, agriculture, home inspection, plumbing, diagnose vehicles, wildlife hunting, etc. In addition, it’s designed with cutting-edge Automatic Hot & Cold Spot Thermal Tracking Technology to save you hours of painstaking investigations.
  • 5 Color palettes and 4 emissivity modes – Choosing among Rainbow, Iron Red, Cold Color, Black Heat and White Heat, to make readings much easier to visualize. Adjustable Emissivity from 0.01 to 1.00 with 4 types of object measurement modes, for more accurate data results, along with the wide 35×26 degree field of view.
Real-Life Applications
  • Detecting Elevated Body Temperature
  • Moisture Detection
  • HVAC
  • Electrical Inspections / Maintenance
  • Automotive Inspections
  • Home Maintenance
  • Energy Auditing
  • Heat Leaks

TOPDON ITC629 Advantages

Sensitivity: 0.07°C
3GB built-in memory


The TOPDON ITC629 is specially designed for object temperature measurement. It’s available for detecting objects 5cm to 1000cm away, but the test distance in 20cm to 50cm is ideal for getting an accurate temperature data of the object. It is useful to eliminate blind guesswork, by discovering, diagnosing, tracking thermal images of objects, humans, buildings, and animals etc., even in the dark, as quick as possible with complete accuracy.

Some videos help you better understand ITC629 TOPDON
TOPDON IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera ITC629 Introduction