Best TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Reviews 2020 [Update]

Trouble happens. You left your lights on and now you're stuck. Luckily, you are a well-prepared motorist and keep emergency equipment in your trunk—including jump starter. You are ready to bring your car battery back to life. But what is a reliable jump starter?

Upgraded Version of topdon v1200/v1500: TOPDON Volcano 2000 is a 12 volt auto lithium battery jump starter with a peak current of 2000A. It not only jump starts up to 10LGas, 8L Diesel, but also works as a 20800mAh wireless power bank.

TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Reviews:

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TT Volcano 2000 Car Battery Jump Starter
5.0 / 5

Powerful Car Jump Starter, 10W Wireless Charger, Multi-Functional, Heavy-duty Copper Clamps for Safety.

TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Features
  • 10W Wireless Charger. Its 10W wireless charger with 20800mAh power bank is suitable for travel and business trips. The V2000's 10W wireless charging is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.
  • Multi-Functional.  Its 20800mAh battery can charge your phones, tablets, and cameras via a QC3.0 port, 5V/2.1A USB port, and 5V/3A Type-C port.
  • Heavy-duty Copper Clamps for Safety. Premium copper clamps and 10 protections make V2000 car battery jump starter pack safe for anyone to use. Protections include reverse polarity protection, reverse connection protection, reverse and overcharge charge protection, short circuit protection, and more.
  • Powerful Car Jump Starter. With its 2000A current, TOPDON V2000 car battery jump starter pack can start a 12-volt dead battery in seconds and offers about 25 jump starts on a single full charge for engines up to 10.0L Gasoline and 8.0L Diesel.
TOPDON Volcano 2000A Peak Jump Starter Compatibility

The V2000 car jump starter is suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, yacht, lawnmowers, pickups, vans, ATVs, SUVs, snowmobiles, watercrafts and more.

TOPDON Volcano 2000A: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Wireless ChargingNew brand
IP65 waterproof design
25 jump starts for engines up to 10.0L Gasoline and 8.0L Diesel.
Who is TOPDON V2000 suitable for?

Vehicle owners or home DIYers, especially off-roaders, overlanders.

Some videos help you better understand TOPDON V2000
1. TOPDON V2000, could be one of the new best jump starters, as well as a wireless power bank.


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