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  • Best Actron CP9695 OBDII Scan Tool (Review and Buying Guide) 2021[Update]

           ACTRON CP9695 PRO is a powerful automotive diagnostic scanner with a compact design that is easy to carry, a vibrant color display that makes use less monotonous, and buttons on the device are labeled for easy use. CP9695 Pro can read and delete ABS codes, airbag codes, and definitions of most vehicles […]

  • Best Review Actron CP9660 PocketScan Plus Scanner 2021 [Update]

    If you don’t like flashy interfaces, then the simple and elegant Actron CP9660 PocketScan Plus without color screen is well worth having. This scanning tool’s low cost and small shape factor make it stand out from the crowd. He turns off the engine check light, and once you plug it into your car, it only takes […]

  • Best Review Actron CP9125 C Scanner 2021 [Update]

    If your requirements are small and cheap, the CP9125 PocketScan is worth having. It is small and portable yet has full functions, reading and clearing basic trouble codes, checking engine lights pop up in the vehicle. Reliable, powerful and easy to use, the CP9125 is a practical and cost effective product that will get you the […]

  • Best Review ACTRON CP9680 Plus Scanner 2021[Update]

    The ACTRON CP9680 card reader is compact, portable and easy to use. It has a simple user interface with a vibrant color display that makes it easy for DIYers, professionals and car enthusiasts to use the device. It can also be updated and has multiple power sources. The CP9680 code reader can be used to check […]

  • Best ACTRON Scanner CP9550 Plus Review 2021[Update]

    The ACTRON Scanner CP9550 PLUS has simple design, stable performance and high accuracy. It is widely compatible, small in size and easy to carry and store. It provides freezing frame data, VIN information, and performs the important task of checking and maintaining readiness tests by displaying the I/M readiness monitoring status.The Actron CP9550 OBD-II PocketScan […]

  • Best Actron Scanner CP9690 Elite OBD2 scan tool Review 2021[Update]

    The Actron Scanner CP9690 Elite is designed to be simple, easy to use and store, and is built of durable materials to withstand shocks and serve users over a long period of time. The Actron CP9690 Elite has read manufacturer specific DTC, map engine data, record and playback of vehicle information, and through The PC […]