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  • AUTOPHIX V007 Code Reader Scan Tool (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021

    Autophix V007 is a diagnostic tool designed specifically for scanning that can easily read and delete fault codes for nearly 130 systems, including engines, ABS, airbags, transmissions, radios, climate control, instrumentation, brakes, and more. It also has other special functions, including brake pad reset, throttle adaptation and so on. In addition, V007 can retrieve vehicle […]

  • Autophix 5150 Code Reader Scan Tool (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021

    With basic functionality to read and delete code, as well as special features such as ETC reset, EPB replace Brake pads, tire pressure reset (TPMS), battery registration, the Autophix 5150 allows you to access the most commonly used service features that are usually only available from your car grade scanner or more expensive professional tools. […]

  • AUTOPHIX 7710 for Ford Diagnostic Scan Tool Review 2021[Update]

    Autophix 7710 is a pocket-size plug and play code reader that doubles as a professional Ford diagnostic scanner. In addition to basic features such as reading, clearing engine code, and resetting the check engine light (CEL) on the engine, the Autphix 7710 has special features such as the reset of TCM, PCM, EPB, TPMS, DPF, […]

  • Best AUTOPHIX 5900 Code Reader Scan Tool (Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

    Autophix 5900 scanner is dedicated to the latest 2020 model year. Designed for independent repairers, professional garages and technicians, and car enthusiasts, it can be easily updated via USB cable, and also supports the most commonly used system functions including brake deactivation, service reset, etc. The Autophix 5900 includes not only basic features such as […]

  • AUTOPHIX 5600 Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool Review 2021

    With five OBD2 test modes, Autophix 5600 Scan is a hand-held car scanner designed for independent maintenance and technicians as well as car enthusiasts. It can quickly scan to perform automated system tests to determine which control modules are installed on the vehicle and provides an overview of diagnostic fault codes. The Autophix 5600 can […]

  • Best Review Autophix OM123 OBD2 Scan Tool 2021[Update]

    Autophix OM123 is a diagnostic code reader with a large screen that makes it easy to read code. It is suitable for beginners, and its keystroke-friendly design makes it easy to operate. It is plug-and-play and is designed for ordinary car owners. Autophix OM123 provides VIN information that allows accurate retrieval of I/M ready for […]

  • Best Autophix 7610 Scan Tool Review 2021[Update]

    Autophix 7610 Scanner is an OBD2 Professional Scanner designed specifically for automotive diagnostics that is powerful, affordable and suitable for individuals or auto repair shops. It has functions such as reading and deleting trouble codes that can cause emission problems with your vehicle, turning off MIL(check your car engine) and I/M ready, reading data stream, […]

  • Best Review AUTOPHIX OM121 Scan Tool 2021[Update]

    Autophix OM121 is a suitable for all cars car engine indicator lamp fault code reader, is also a small general OBD code reader, has three soft keys, humanized characteristics of small volume, at the same time as a DIYer and individual owners to provide a convenient tool that can be used to check all car […]

  • Best Review AUTOPHIX 7150 Scan Tool 2021[Update]

    Autophix 7150 OBD2 scanner price cheap reasonable, have automatic code reading function in the system, have read and clear engine ABS, SRS, SAS, the fault code, read the function of the basic functions such as real-time data and vehicle information, also has the CBS, battery management, tire pressure reset and EPB electronic parking brake and […]

  • Best Review AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool 2021[Update]

    Autiphix 3210 is a small OBD2 scanner that is one of the easiest to use digital scanners on the market. It displays all information in a graphical format to quickly and accurately check the health of the battery. It can also do performance tests to check vehicle performance issues, while the 3210 also continuously monitors […]