Autel MaxiLink is the same as Autel Autolink, they are both produced by Autel. Besides the differences in the appearance and price tags between them, what exactly makes them so unique to the customers. Let's find out.

See Some Products of Autel AutoLink/MaxiLink Comparison Chart: AL319 vs AL519 vs AL539 vs AL539B vs ML619 vs ML629
Let's look at the features and functionalities of these AUTEL AutoLink/MaxiLink Scan Tool( View table image ):
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Basic Function
Read Codes
Clear Codes
Live data
Freeze Frame
I/M Readiness STAKUS IM
O2 Sensor TEST
On-board Moniitor Test
EVAP Stystem Test EVAP
Component Test
Retrieve Vehicle Information
System Diagnosis
Full System
Trans mission
Other functions
DTC lookup
Color&Graphical Display
Prints data via PC
Software upgradeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Domestic/Asian/European Coverage(1996-Present)
Support multiple languages

1. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner
4.5/ 5

A very good budget OBDII Scan Tool that can help anyone troubleshoot a vehicle problem.
It's user friendly checking engine light and know why is that before taking your car to a mechanic.

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Large display screenReads codes but doesn't provide solution
Multilingual menuDoesn't have reset functions
Wide-range vehicle coverage
No need for battery or charger
Offers plenty of functions
Who is Autel AutoLink AL319 suitable for?

If you do your own maintenance and basic repairs, or want to pull your engine codes instead of paying your dealership to do that, the Autolink AL319 is right for you.

2. Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner
4.5/ 5

A top entry-level scanner that comes with all the 10 OBD2 test modes and also can read and erase codes. For professional mechanic and individual vehicle owner to use this scanner daily as a "quick check".

Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Easy to useLimited functions
Compact and portable designUpdating the device is not easy
Affordable price
Wide-range compatibility
Who is Autel AutoLink AL519 suitable for?

It is an excellent scanner for a startup mechanic or DIY enthusiast with such amazing features and great compatibility.

3. Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBD2 Scanner
4.3/ 5

A hand-held scanner that can read error codes from the SRS and ABS systems. It is able to identify what's causing the 'Check Engine' light on.

Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Easy to useMay be difficult to print hard copies when connecting it to a PC
Extra accessories
Internet updateable
Extensive vehicle coverage
Performs various functions
Who is Autel MaxiLink ML619 suitable for?

It is perfect for home mechanics, DIYers, and average car owners regarding to its various functions and compatibilities.

4. Autel MaxiLink ML629 OBD2 Scanners Reviews:

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Autel MaxiLink ML629 OBD2 Scanner
4.4/ 5

An ideal budget scanner for DIY mechanics and certified technicians who need the OBDII scan tool to do more than reading and clearing codes.

Autel MaxiLink ML629 OBD2 Scanners: Advantages VS Disadvantages
Compatible with all OBDII-compliant vehicles from 1996 and newerNot pocket-sized
Easy to read, big full-color backlit display screenDoesn't have a touchscreen interface
Can read, reset and erase codes from the ABS system
Who is Autel MaxiLink ML629 suitable for?

It's an affordable diagnostic scanner that does pulling and resetting DTCs and more, which is perfect for a home mechanic or certified automotive technician.

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