FOXWELL NT634 Car Scanner Review 2021[Update]

The Foxwell NT634 is a handheld diagnostic tool for the OBD2 port of a vehicle with a wide range of compatibility. It can read code, be able to read engine, ABS or SRS system code, has built-in diagnostic and service capabilities, as well as reading data from sensor modules associated with these systems for further diagnosis. It also adds more commonly used maintenance features, diagnosing engines, transmissions, ABS and airbags from more than 65 automakers, giving you an easy way to point out car faults.

The Foxwell NT634 Scanner Bullet Points
  • 2020 Foxwell New Arrival: The fast-response car scanner nt634 is a next-generation device from Foxwell, which comes with four-system diagnosis and 11 kinds of service functions. In fact, this auto scan tool combines the functions of NT614 elite and NT650 elite to offer a more convenient way to check your car condition. It’s definitely a great choice for car owners, garages and DIYers.
  • 11 Powerful Reset Service Features: You can solve most car problems which frequently occur with the car scan tool, and you don’t have to turn to others. For all car makes, it covers 11 commonly required service&maintenance features, including Oil light reset, EPB service, SAS, TPMS, DPF Regeneration, TBA/TPS, Battery Configuration, CVT, Injector coding and Gear Learn.
  • 4 Systems Diagnostics + Data Manager: This obd2 diagnostic scanner performs a completely diagnosis for Engine, Transmission, ABS and SRS systems. Reading&clearing vehicle trouble codes, showing live data stream and turning off the warning light related are offered. Besides, the powerful data manager allows you to be able to download&print the diagnose report via PC.
  • 10 Obdii Services + Wide Vehicles Coverage: NT634 diagnostic scanner works on most 1996 US-based, 2000 EU-based and newer vehicles. Full obdii diagnosis is provided, including freeze frame, I/M readiness, vehicle information, DTC lookup, O2 sensor, on-board monitor, component test, read/clear codes to turn off engine light, and view live data to check health status of parts.
  • 25 Hours Service + Thoughtful Design: Any questions about the scan tool, just contact us via Amazon messages directly. Autovin can locate the car information just in seconds, and the vin will be saved automatically, you don’t need to do it any more. The design of the shape is extremely friendly, makes you enjoy it while using. Life Long free online update is also offered. Please DO choose Foxassist from to do registration and update.

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The Foxwell NT634 Scanner Review
3.9/ 5

Great scanner did everything I needed it to do. Only downside is it did need to be updated right out of the box for my particular vehicles. Saves me a ton of money doing it myself rather than a shop charging for it, both of my cars are 20 years old and the its not uncommon for the lel to come on, this helps me out a lot!

Commonly Required Service & Maintenance Features
  • Oil Service Light Reset: Allows you to perform reset maintenance mileage and data intervals for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.
  • Electronic Park Brake Reset: Allows you to perform service and maintenance, including deactivation and activation of brake control system, bleeding brake fluid, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, on where electronic brake systems are fitted. Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality, initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed and deactivates or re-activates brake control system.
  • Throttle Body Alignment Reset: Vehicle’s throttle position system sensor connected to the butterfly spindle and is primarily used to monitor the throttle position within an inner combustion engine. Due to its location, the throttle position sensor is able to effectively observe where the throttle butterfly valve is positioned.
  • Steering Angle Sensor Reset: Calibrate the steering angle sensor after the replacement to make sure the ECU issued the correct steering instructions and memorize the max angle’s position.
  • TPMS Service: This code scanner can makes sense in displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, inputting TPMS sensor replacement IDs and testing sensors.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration: Specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
Four Systems Diagnosis + Full OBD2 Diagnosis
  • Full obd2 diagnosis: This auto scanner supports all OBD II/EOBD car protocols and all 10 test modes including read error codes, clear codes, live data, O2 monitor test, on-board monitor test, and vehicle information for almost all obd2 cars.In addition to basic obd2 diagnostic functions, this car diagnostic tool also provides four system diagnostics, Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag.
  • Engine diagnosis: By reading, clearing DTCs and viewing live data stream, the nt634 can help you easily pinpoint the cause of the engine system problem and turn off the warning light related, thus ensuring the engine works properly, and enhancing its performance.
  • Transmission diagnosis: By checking the transmission system, this car diagnostic scanner can figure the problem out via reading codes, or check the health status via live data viewing, and turn off the warning light, making sure that the right amount of power goes to the wheels to drive at a given speed.
  • Anti-Lock Braking diagnosis: By accessing to ABS system to view its live data stream, and retrieving the fault codes, this foxwell scanner can troubleshoot the ABS issue with a visual inspection of all brake components caused the warning light.
  • Supplemental Restraint diagnosis (Airbag): By detecting every electronic parameters in SRS system to check their health status, this car scan tool can address the SRS potential issues timely to ensure your driving safety, and turn off the warning light of Airbag.
How to update my NT634 diagnostic tool?
  • Visit foxwelltech official website and find the FOXWELL NT634.
  • Download Update Tool FoxAssist, and install it in your Windows laptop/desktop.
  • Open the update client, click the register button, and follow the page prompts to register for FOXWELL ID.
  • Click “update” in the scanner after you connect the scanner via USB cable to your PC. Or Insert SD card via card reader (Recommend).
  • Activate the your diagnostic scanner after the FoxAssist automatically recognizes the serial number.
  • Select the car makes you want update and wait for the downloads until the process completed.
Foxwell nt634: Advantages VS Disadvantages


Pros Cons
Has the most robust reset functions. Not compatible with Apple OS for updates.
Has broader compatibility for its 4-system diagnosis. Doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi for updates
Can read more vehicles’ trouble codes.
  • Question: will this work on a 2016 ford ranger 3.2l 5 cylinder diesel, and will it be able to reset odometer??
  • Answer: Hello, Thanks for contacting us. This scanner will work on 2016 ford ranger 3.2l 5 cylinder diesel. But it will not help you reset odometer.
  • Question: Will this connect and work with a 2018 dodge ram 2500 with cummins 6.7 diesel?
  • Answer: Hello, I’m happy to tell you foxwell nt634 car diagnostic tool is compatible with your car. 🙂
  • The scanner can help you work on 4 systems and other 11 special service
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