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  • Topdon ArtiDiag 800/AD800 Reviews – Make Your Car Diagnostics Easy

    The TOPDON diagnostic tablet ArtiDiag800/AD800 makes excellent use of the most recent technological developments. If you want to have an effective, intuitive, and well-built diagnostic tool, it would probably be on the top of your shopping list. We will give you everything you need to know about this device in this comprehensive review. Anyway, first, […]

  • Best Actron CP9695 OBDII Scan Tool (Review and Buying Guide) 2021[Update]

           ACTRON CP9695 PRO is a powerful automotive diagnostic scanner with a compact design that is easy to carry, a vibrant color display that makes use less monotonous, and buttons on the device are labeled for easy use. CP9695 Pro can read and delete ABS codes, airbag codes, and definitions of most vehicles […]

  • Best OTC 3838 TPMS Tool (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021[Update]

           OTC 3838 is a sensor activation and diagnostic device with a 3.5-inch high-resolution screen and an easy-to-navigate key menu that makes it easy to operate and easy to use. Features include sensor activation, relearning programs, universal sensor programming and key chain signal strength testing. Other standard features include USB and SD card […]

  • Best XTOOL PS90 Full System 24 Special Functions Diagnostic Scanner(Review and Buying Guide) 2021

    XTOOL PS90 is a powerful and high-quality automotive diagnostic tool, as well as a high-end new automatic diagnostic equipment, with a full system diagnostic function and 24 special functions. Support for key programming of 31 models, and system-wide diagnosis of 81 vehicles. Huge vehicle coverage, strong compatibility and a variety of functions. The connection between […]

  • Best Autel MaxiPro MP808K OE Diagnostic Scan Tool (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2021

    Autel MaxiPro MP808K is a professional automotive diagnostic scanner based on the Android operating system. With a 7-inch LCD touch screen and a fast quad-core processor, it is easy to operate and will save you time and improve your efficiency. The AUTOEL MP808K has a broad coverage of OE class diagnostic capabilities for all available […]

  • Full System THINKCAR THINKSCAN MAX Scan Tool Review 2021[Update]

    The THINKCAR THINKSCAN MAX is a professional car scanner designed for mechanical and DIYers. It is the highest-level DIY OBD product in THINKCAR series products. It is equipped with various basic and advanced functions, equipped with Android operating system, powerful function and can be updated online. With this device, you can read and clear code, or perform […]

  • All System Scanner FOXWELL NT644 Elite (Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

    The Foxwell NT644Elite is a simple, durable scanning tool with a durable rubber case. At its core is a complete OBD2 diagnosis, and the FoxWell Full System Diagnostic Tool meets users’ expectations of automotive scanners from the entry level to the professional level. It includes OBD2 and all system diagnostics, even the most popular maintenance […]

  • Foxwell GT60 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool (Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

    Compared to the GT80 Plus, the Foxwell GT6‘s versatility makes it easier, more powerful, more accurate, and more stable. Foxwell GT60 vehicular OBD2 scanning tool features a 7-inch touch screen and service features oil reset, EPB, TPS, TPMS, BRT, DPF, SAS, CVT. Equipped with Android system, it can quickly test the status of each system […]

  • Best Topdon ArtiDiag 800 Bt OBD2 Scanner Review Pk Autel MK808BT 2021 [Update]

    TOPDON ArtiDiag800 BT All System + 16 Reset Services PK MK808BT & CRP909X TOPDON ArtiDiag800 BT(AD800 BT) was designed with engineers in mind. This 5.99 “Android Tablet-style scanner has high-quality features with easy to tackle workflow Common and complex vehicle diagnostic problems for most modern vehicles worldwide. The Bluetooth VCI dongle is included allowing for […]

  • Best LAUNCH CRP Touch PRO Elite scan tool Review 2020 [Update]

    Launch Scanner CRP Touch Pro Elite is a top-ranking full system diagnostic scanner characterized by covering all available vehicle systems and providing precise test result of your vehicle health status. You can easily find out the root cause of problems in your vehicle and have them settled. This diagnostic tool can comprehensively scan all ECUs […]