Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini Full System Diagnostic Scanner review 2021[Update]

Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini is a small but professional automotive diagnostic tool with complete OBD2 and system-wide diagnostic capabilities. That means it’s portable and easy to use. In addition to 15 maintenance reset functions, there are DTC search, one button automatic identification information, printable car diagnostic report and so on. Automatic identification can quickly obtain vehicle information, easy to troubleshoot. Printed diagnostic reports can also be sent to a computer connected to the printer.

Thinkcar  ThinkDiag Mini Bullet Points
  • Print Professional Vehicle Diagnostic Report: With Auto VIN function, you can quickly scan and intelligently diagnose your vehicle. If you don’t know the meaning of the fault codes, DTCs Lookup function will give the explanation of the fault codes. After the diagnosis, you will get automatically printable professional diagnostic report just by clicking “Report” and you also can share it to your friends for getting some idea. What’s more, if you want to print this vehicle diagnostic report, you can print it by e-mail sharing.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with the vehicle for 93 vehicle brands (Only for 1996 and newer vehicles), including Porsche, BWM, VW, Land Rover, Skoda, Audi, Benz, Opel, etc.
  • Lifetime Free 10 Mode OBD2 Function: This mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner convert your Android/ IOS devices into advanced Bluetooth code reader to diagnose and service your car.
  • 10 Mode Full OBD2 Function: Read Codes,Clear Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,I/M Readiness,O2 Sensor Test,On-Board Monitor Test,EVAP Test,Vehicle Information.
  • Offer 5 Free Car Or Reset Software:Special Discount: You Can Choose 5 Car Or Reset Software, Valid for 1-Year. And For the Other Any One Software, You Can Paid 19.95$/Year for 1 Year.This Bluetooth scan tool can get access to all vehicle electric system, read/clear codes for Engine, Transmission, Airbags, BMS, ABS, TPS, DPF, HAVC, TPMS, DSC, DME, DISA and all the other electronic control modules with one year unlimited use for up to 5 car makes.
  • Offer 15 Paid Reset Software: Special Discount: You Can Choose 5 Car Or Reset Software, Valid for 1-Year. And For the Other Any One Software, You Can Paid 19.95$/Year for 1 Year. 15 commonly used maintenance resets Included: Headlight Matching, Throttle Matching, Anti-theft Matching, Injector Coding, Brake Pad Reset, Maintenance Lamp Reset, Steering Angle Reset, ABS Exhaust, Battery Matching, Gearbox Matching, DPF Regeneration, Tire Pressure Reset, Sunroof Initialization, Suspension.
  • Auto VIN & Live Stream Graphing & Printable Report: This mini bluetooth obd2 code reader is easy-to-carry, wireless operation, interactive graphing of live data etc. Auto VIN will quick obtain vehicles’ VIN for troubleshooting. Live data graphing for intuitive diagnostics and monitoring your vehicle performance,which it’s better to analyze the abnormal parameter and understand your vehicle. Generate a diagnostic report by”click”and send it to a computer connected to the printer to print it.
  • 12-Month Warranty: For any quality problem, this bluetooth OBD2 scanner provides a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

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3.7/ 5

Surprisingly if actually cleared my 2021 Honda TMPS fault
Bought a 2021 Honda Pilot and installed 22″ wheels/tires. No option to scan or reset TMPS on vehicle for new wheels so I bought the THINKCAR ThinkDiag Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner to try and fix, it worked, although there was a lot of fiddling around to get it to reset.
The HONDA dealer wanted $150 to reset the TMPS and I said “no way”. Money well spent and very happy.

Top Reasons to Choose ThinkDiag Mini
  • 2021 Upgraded ThinkDiag mini Application: 1. Fixed all bugs and compatible with more vehicles. 2. Full Systems Diagnosis function has been upgraded from free for one car maker to free for FIVE car makers. 3. If you buy one additional car maker, you will get double. If you buy two, will get four, if you buy X, will get 2X…. Warm Tips: Any questions before purchase or while using, please let us know via AMZ message.
  • Not Only Check Engine: THINKDIAG MINI is a new type of bluetooth obd2 scanner designed for car owner,compatible with ios and android system, also can support Tablet. There are more than 100 car makers for users to choose. For instance, you are the owner for BMW car, get one thinkdiag mini, you will have a full set of maintenance for All BMW cars.
  • Full Systems Diagnose for Any Five Brands: This Bluetooth scan tool can read/clear codes for Engine, Transmission, Airbags, BMS, ABS, TPS, DPF, HAVC, TPMS, DSC, DME, DISA and all the other electronic control modules with one year unlimited use for 5 car makes. Special function are optional & customized(One is $19.95), you can active these functions according to you need. Including AFS/ETS/Injector/EPB/Oil/ABS Bleed/BMS/DPF/E-G-R/SAS/SUS/TPMS/SUN/BOX.
  • AUTOVIN+Health Report: AutoVin service will automatically obtain vehicles’s VIN for troubleshooting. Live data graphing for intuitive diagnostics and monitoring your vehicle performance, help customers to better analyze the abnormal parameter, and also can generate vehicle health report after finished diagnosis, you can print the diagnostic report online.
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: Compatible with 99% vehicle of US market.This obdii diagnostic scanner covers more than 100 vehicle brands supported for full systems diagnosis, for BMW/Smart/Mercedes Benz/MINI/Aud/Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ford/GM/Honda/Hyundai/Porsche/Volvo/VW/Nissan/Toyota
  • 1. EPB System
  • 2. TPMS
  • 3. Engine System
  • 4. SAS System
  • 5. ABS System
  • 6. CKP Learning
  • 7. IMMO System
  • 8. DPF System
  • 9. SRS System
  • 10. Throttle Value Position Reset
  • 11. Battery System
  • 12. HVAC
  • 13. EVAP System
  • 14. ECU Coding
  • 15. Active Test
  • 16. And More.
All Systems Diagnosis:
Supports reading codes, clearing codes and live data of all electronic control modules.It can permeate various systems to read and clear DTCs data flow and then turns the warning light off. Including but not limited:

  • Airbag Control Module
  • Antilock Brake System Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Steering Angle Sensor System
  • Diesel Particulate Filter System
  • Electronic Parking Brake System
  • Electronic Power Steering System
  • Step1: Download the “ThinkDiag” in the APP store or in GooglePlay store.
  • Step2: Open the ThinkDiag APP, click on”Sign Up”,verification code will be sent to the email you input, if you did not got, please check the spam.
  • Step3: Click on “Activate” to open the activation page, you need to input the serial number and an 8-diagit activation code is on the first page of the Quick Start Guide.
  • Step4: Plug ThinkDiag mini into the vehicle’s OBDII port, there will be a red light which indicates the device is powered on.
  • Step5: Open the ThinkDiag APP, it will automatically search for activated devices, select your device and connect to it via Bluetooth in the APP. The indicator will turn to flashing blue.
  • Step6: In the “Diagnostics” interface of the App, you will need to download the corresponding diagnostics software when first apply”All System Diagnostic”and”OBD Functions”.
  • Q:What’s so special about Thinkdiag mini?
  • A: THINKDIAG MINI is an automobile diagnostic tool with professional-grade functions with smaller sizes and better prices and it is much more cost-effective when comparing with its counterparts Bluetooth OBD2 scanner. This mini bluetooth code reader is the smallest but powerful diagnostic scan tool which has 15 maintenance reset seivecs, enhanced tests for full electronic control system, full OBDII functions. It is fixed all bugs and compatible with more vehicles and full system diagnostics have been upgraded from free for one automaker to up to five automakers(Or you can choose reset services, a total of 5 optional software)
  • Q: What features can I get for free after I buy it?
  • A: Dear Customer, within one year, you will be able to get 5 optional model software or reset service for FREE, and if you select the model software, you will be able to get all the system diagnostic functions and reset service for this model free of charge, but please note that the reset service needs to be accessed through the full system diagnostic functions menu.