Best TOPDON HURRICANO200 Power Station (Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

The Topdon Hurricano200 is a portable lithium-ion power plant that weighs just 4.2 pounds and is designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to travel. But you don’t look down upon its capacity, it is also a specially designed for low level (< 200 w) electronic devices, designed with safe, efficient and stable pure sine wave power of 200 w of large capacity power plant, in addition to the outside during the camping trip or a power outage for multiple devices, you can also in the case of natural disasters and blackouts as emergency power supply.

The Topdon Hurricano200 Bullet Points
  • Portable Generator 185Wh for Days: Built-in 185Wh (49800mAh at 3.7V) lithium battery pack, TOPDON Hurricano200 power station can charge your iphone up to 14 times and power LED light up to 35 hours. It provides you with 200W total power output and works on any device that consumes under 200 watts such as drones, cameras, laptops, phones, tablets, home appliances and even cpap machines.
  • Unrestricted Use: The H200 providing outdoor enthusiasts with on-the-go power, this portable battery charger let you charge your AC devices (Laptops, drones, lights) when you need them most.Power your mobile phones, usb fans, go pros and more whenever and wherever you want.
  • Safe and Convinient: Recharge the power station using an AC wall outlet, a DC port in your car, or a compatible solar panel. Premium quality copper clip and wire keep guarantee to maintain a stable communication all throughout the testing process.
  • Pure Sinewave for High Efficiency: 2 pure sine wave AC outlets ensure a safer charge for your sensitive devices, better than modified sine wave and clean power . Inductive loads like microwaves and motors run faster, quieter and cooler. Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, fax and answering machines. It is a gas-free source of portable power supply, no exhaust fumes.

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4.4/ 5

HURRICANO200 has massive 200-watts capacity, capable of powering small appliances and charging up to 7 smart devices at once.Inbuilt Battery management system ensures better charger utilization, it offers overload, over-current and over-voltage protection.

Top Reasons to Choose Topdon Hurricano200
  • Versatile Outputs for Multi-Using:TOPDON Hurricano200 can power up to 7 devices at the same time, including 2 * AC outputs at 200W (peak 250W), 1 * Quick Charge USB port which enables 18W fast charging, 3 * USB ports which support 12W per port, 1 * 12V car port that supports 120W. Multi-using outputs are designed for laptops, drones, mobile, car fridge, air pump being powered simultaneously.
  • BMS for Safety:Inbuilt battery management system that provides overload, over-current and over-voltage protection to ensure better charger utilization. The BMS not only guarantees the protection and charges management on the power station but also your devices.
  • Portable for Travel: Weighing only 4.2lb with a foldable handle, TOPDON Hurricano200 is perfect for emergencies, power outages and extended outdoor trips such as hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, RVing, tailgating, etc.
  • 185Wh power station with 49,800mAh capacity for <200W electronic devices.
  • Suitable for drones, cameras, laptops, phones, tablets, home appliances and even cpap machines.
  • Duel pure sine wave AC outlets ensure a safer charge.
  • Enable up to 7 devices being powered up in the meantime. (2*AC outputs; 1*Quick Charge USB port; 3*USB ports; 1*12V car port)
  • Weights only 4.2lb with a foldable handle for emergenciesashurricane, earthquake etc.
  • Built-in battery management system ensures better charger utilization.
  • Overload, over-current and over-voltage protection.
Multi-purpose charging
  • Perfect Power Supply for Camping: Family camping trips or other outdoor adventures, TOPDON portable power stations can keep gear charged and ready.
  • Power Your Life: By keeping a portable power station designed to run CPAP machines close at hand, you can rest assured that you can keep vital electronics running.
  • Beyond Power Outdoors: When you need power in emergency or power outage, TOPDON H200 can be your reliable backup power supply for lighting, phones, laptop, CPAP, radio etc. Use your batteries without fear of being caught out.
  • For AC Electronic Device: The H200 providing outdoor enthusiasts with on-the-go power, this portable battery charger let you charge your AC devices (Laptops, drones, lights) when you need them most.
  • For USB Electronic Device: Power your mobile phones, usb fans, go pros and more whenever and wherever you want.
  • For DC Electronic Device: Power car fridge, air pump, and other DC port gear as you like.
Technical Specifications
  • Battery Capacity: 49800mAh, 185Wh
  • USB Output: USB2.0 5V/3.1A (Max) *3, QC3.0 5V/3A*1
  • DC Input: 15V/2A
  • DC Output: 12V10A
  • AC Power: 200W (Continuous); 250W (Peak)
  • AC Output: AC 100V~240V 50~60Hz (Subject to actual product) *2
  • LED: SOS light
  • Charging Input: DC 15V/2A
  • Charging Time: 6~7Hours (DC 5V/2A)
  • Cycle Life: >500 Times
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~40°C (-4°F~104°F)
  • Dimensions: 120*100*240 mm (4.72*3.94*9.45 inches)
  • Weight: 1.9kg (4.19 lb)
    TOPDON H200 is designed to power more electronics for outdoor camping life and emergency need. The continuous power of TOPDON H200 is 200W so it can not power the devices which rated over 200 watts, such as hair dryer, electric kettle ,rice cooker, micro-wave oven, vacuum cleaner and so on. Kindly check the rate power of your electronics before using.
Package List
  • 1* Lithium Power Station HURRICANO200
  • 1* 15V Charger Adapter
  • 1* Car Cigarette Lighter
  • 1* User Manual
  • Question: Can I use it to connect my laptop and my audio interface at the same time? I want to use them outside.
  • Answer: Yes sir, you can use the TOPDON HURRICAN200 portable power station to connect alaptop and my audio interface at the same time.
  • Question: Built in mppt?
  • Answer: Yes, the topdon hurrican200 portable power station is built-in mppt, so no need your solar panel with MPPT controller.
Top reviews from the United States
  • Lifesaver when the power goes out
    Lightweight, flashlight is cool, portable, and a great backup for your small electronics if thr power goes out.
  • Great generator!
    The unit arrived well packed. Compact, built quality and will be useful at home in case of power cuts or emergency. Also easily to carry around for outdoor trips.
Some videos help you better understand TOPDON HURRICANO200
1. TOPDON HURRICANO200 110V/200W Pure Sinewave AC Outlets UPS Battery Backup Lithium Power Supply