TOPDON VOLCANO2000Pro/V2000Pro (Reviews or buying Guide) in 2021

Designed for Safe & Successful Jumpstarting
Barely anybody would think of the battery in their vehicle, until they cannot get the car started because of its being idle for a long time, or when they stuck in the midway while traveling due to low battery. In this situation, there is probably no choice but to wait for help with a potential expense coming along.
The invention of the car Jump Starter has made to handle the above emergency when the car’s battery goes down, and the car cannot start. Simply connect the clamps to the corresponding terminals on the battery, and then turn on the Jump Starter in order to promote enough flow of electricity to get the vehicle motor rotating.

Still, the traditional car jump starter has the following technical issue: if the vehicle load is short-circuited, or the two clamps of the jump starter are short-circuited, it will discharge electrical sparks, or even cause damage to the jump starter itself, right in the moment of switching on the device carelessly.

Therefore, to meet the ever-increasing demand for safer and more effective jump starting, TOPDON has recently introduced next-generation level V2000Pro to open a whole new window in the jump starter market.

It is a high-powered intelligent Jump Starter with brand-new design – smart battery clamp CP010, to ensure that the operator, the device itself, and the car battery are all well-protected during the operation, being capable of offering battery and charging system data reference for timely maintenance.

Battery jump starter: Beatit G18 vs NOCO Boost HD GB70 vs Topdon V2000PRO Comparison Chart ( View table image )
Product Name Beatit G18 NOCO Boost HD GB70 Topdon V2000Pro
Customer Rating 4.5 / 5 4.7 / 5 0
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Charging Methods Type-C Micro USB Type-C
Capacity 21000 12000 20800
Wireless Charging 10W NO 10W
USB 5V/2.1A
QC3.0 NO
LCD display NO
Smart Battery Clamp NO
Detect Battery Voltage NO

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TOPDON VOLCANO2000Pro Review from Amazon Customer
3.7/ 5

The device also acts as a portable LED flashlight, and a massive power bank that can charge external devices like cell phones and tablets. It’s a versatile auto battery booster all rolled into one.

TOPDON VOLCANO2000Pro Features & Benefits
  • combination of 2000A Car Jump Starter V2000 + Smart Battery Clamp CP010 + 20800mAh Portable Power Bank + LED Flashlight (steady, SOS, strobe).
  • A lithium battery jump starter rated at 2000A large current for 10.0L Gas & 8L Diesel.
  • Smart battery clamp CP010 detects jump starter’s voltage, and diagnose battery, alternator states before safe and successful jump starting.
  • 10W wireless charging technology for Qi-enabled devices.
  • Multi charging outlets: 5V/3A Type-C, 5V/2.1A QC3.0, 12V/10A DC, and even power air-compressor, GPS, vehicle fridge, vehicle vacuum cleaner, Air Purifier, etc.
  • Reinforced heavy-duty copper jaws are designed for a more secure fit.
  • Super 10 automatic built-in protections for safe operation.
  • LED flashlight with 3 modes: steady light, SOS, and strobe.
12V Car Jump Starter

Super lithium auto jump booster rated at 2000A peak current (up to 10L Gas or 8L Diesel), pocket-sized, yet offers enough power to safely boost 12V drained lead-acid batteries in seconds. You won’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere when driving cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, yacht, lawnmowers, pickups, vans, ATVs, SUVs, snowmobiles, watercrafts, and others.

Smart Battery Clamp CP010

7 LEDs and LCD will display jump starter V2000’s voltage, and diagnose vehicle’s battery, alternator states in 5 seconds.
Adopt high-precision A/D conversion battery detection technology, and optimized software algorithm to make sure your vehicle battery system is in good shape for safe and successful jumpstarting. NO short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, current backflow, over temp, and overload/excess connection time.

Portable Battery Pack

This car jump starter doubles as a 20800mAh power bank with outputs of 5V/3A Type-C, 5V/2.1A QC3.0, 12V/10A DC for fast charging your phones, tablets, airpods, 12V GPS, air compressor, car refrigerator, etc.
Coupled with 10W wireless charging. Can charge Qi-enabled smart devices without a cable and plug.

3 LED Illumination Modes

The ultra-bright LED flash light has 3 illumination modes:

  • 1.A flash light when you’re in the dark;
  • 2.A strobe light to attract attention;
  • 3.An SOS signal flash, that will last up to 168 hours on a full charge, for when you’re outdoors and in need of emergency help.
  • Also, The LCD screen shows exactly the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you make better use of the power and protect your devices.
Designed for Safety

The heavy-duty copper jaws are reinforced for strong and firm clamping. Automatic 10 upgraded safe protections against short circuits, reverse polarity, reverse connection, over/low temperature, overcharge, over discharge, reverse charge, over current, and low voltage, ensure no misuse and damage possible to both the auto battery booster and operator during use:

  • 1.Reverse Polarity Protection
    Prevents the damage to vehicle electronics and the danger involved, if the reverse polarity faults occurs while jump starting.
  • 2.Reverse Connection Protection
    Different interface design avoids reverse connection.
  • 3.Reverse Charge Protection
    Prevents the vehicle from charging the jump starter, and saves its battery capacity.
  • 4.Short-Circuit Protection (Sparkle-Proof)
    Prevents excessive current from flowing when the power supply line or load is short-circuited due to an error.
  • 5.Over-Charge Protection
    Stops charging a battery once it is close to being fully charged.
  • 6.Over-Current Protection
    Prevents the excessive current or current beyond the acceptance.
  • 7.Over-Discharge Protection
    Saves the battery from overcharging which may cause damage to the battery, or create a safety hazard as fire danger.
  • 8.Over Temperature Protection
    Shuts down the power supply, when the internal temperature exceeded a safe value.
  • 9.Low Temperature Protection
    Shuts down the power supply, when the internal temperature is far below a safe value.
  • 10.Low Voltage Protection
    Shuts down the power supply, when the input voltage drops below a safe value.
Final Verdict

No longer must rely on other people with long, clumsy and potentially unsafe jumper leads, the portable TOPDON Volcano2000Pro checks the vehicle battery, alternator, and jump starter states to ensure the optimum level for safe and successful jump starting, and gets your car alive anytime, anyplace with minimal fuss, making it stand far ahead from competitors on the market.

TOPDON VOLCANO2000Pro Specification:
  • Peak Current: 2000A
  • Type-C: in/out 5V/3A
  • Output 1: QC3.0 5V/3A, 9V/2A
  • Output 2: USB2.0 5V/2.1A
  • DC Output: 12V/10A
  • Wireless charge: 10W
  • Short Circuit Protection: Effective
  • Reverse Protection: Effective
  • Operation Temperature: -4℉~158℉ (-20℃~70℃)
  • Over Discharge Protection: 13V+/-0.5V
  • Dimensions: 8.11*3.76*1.65 inches (206*95.5*42 mm)
  • Weight: 1.35kg (2.98lb)
  • Operation Voltage: 4.5V~20V
  • Operation Temperature: 14℉~104℉ (-10℃~40℃)
  • Storage Temperature: -4℉~140℉ (-20℃~60℃)
  • Length (Red Clamp + Cable): 13.39 inch (340mm)
  • Length (Black Clamp + Cable): 11.81 inch (300mm)
  • IP Rated: Not Waterproof
  • R.H.: < 95%
  • Dimensions: 5.81*1.83*1.24 inches (147.7*46.5*31.52 mm)
  • Weight: 21.16 oz (600g)